When Did I Get Like This?

I blog at When Did I Get Like This? and have been at it, more or less, since 2007.  I'm the author of WHEN DID I GET LIKE THIS? (HarperCollins, 2010) and MOTHER LOAD, a one-woman show that I toured with to sixteen cities after its off-Broadway run. I directed the 2012 and 2013 LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER productions in New York City. I've served as a contributor to Parenting and babytalk magazines, and have also written for other magazines and websites including Redbook, American Baby, Huffington Post, and CNN.com.  I also act on TV and on stage. I'm the mother of three, a recovering perfectionist, and lover of Twizzlers. 

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breaking my comfortable silence

When the murders in Charleston occurred almost two weeks ago, anyone with a brain in their head did a lot of soul-searching. A lot of bloggers, speakers– people with online platforms, whatever they call themselves–...more

The Songs That Made Me

This month Rolling Stone...more

join Listen To Your Mother: NYC at Barnes & Noble on Friday May 8th!

If you’re in the NYC area, please join me this Friday night at the Upper West Side Barnes & Noble (82nd and Broadway) for a free reading and signing event to celebrate the new anthology LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, as part of The Museum of Motherhood’s “Art of Motherhood” reading series. I’m so proud to have been included in this anthology, which makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift (hint hint). I’ll be there with fellow contributors Barbara Patrick, Patty Chang Anker, and Kathy Curto to read our essays and talk a little bit about the writing process in general, and this anthology in particular ....more

momcation: achieving the escape velocity required

No matter which Real Housewives variation...more

It’s Publication Day for LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!

Last week I went to a staged reading of a play with a plot that...more

Dear Amelia Bedelia: what the hell is the matter with you?

My first-grader was recently given the assignment of writing to her favorite fictional character. She picked Amelia Bedelia. While “favorite” may be a stretch– as you will soon see– I thought my seven-year-old’s questions were excellent and deserved a larger forum ....more

how far should you push your kid? finding the “optimal push”

I recently watched HBO’s documentary...more

what is the one best opportunity in your life? (and why aren’t you pursuing it?)

Like most mothers I know, I am also my household’s...more

is it okay to have a “Santa Whisperer” at Christmas?

Is a “Santa Whisperer” a necessary evil at Christmas? You know, someone who knows exactly what you want and then tells your husband, lest you get a PajamaGram? I know all too well about that, by the way ....more

on rushing and gratitude

Today a very wholehearted friend of mine posted this on Facebook and made my head explode: ...more