Is This The Coolest Candle Ever?

I’m probably the only beauty blogger who has never reviewed a candle before. That’s because I don’t care about them. Skincare fascinates me ....more


I wash my face like I was my dishes. No, not with dishwashing detergent. Eww! ...more

The Innovative Primer You Have To Try

Hyaluronic acid and I became BFF last winter. I don’t think my skin could have survived the freezing London weather without it. My skin was always dry and flaky before I added a hydrating serum with HA to my skincare routine ....more

Caprina: Getting Goaty With Skincare

“Have you finally started your own beauty company?” That’s what my best friend said – once he had finished laughing – when I told him I was testing some products from Caprina. Caprina comes from the word capra. That means goat, both in Italian and English, and it’s my BFF’s nickname for me (I can […] The post Caprina: Getting Goaty With Skincare appeared first on ....more

Can You Get Sun Protection From Natural Ingredients?

Synthetic ingredients ain’t the monsters some people make them out to be. But, when it comes to synthetic UV filters, there’s no doubt a lot of them can cause irritations to a lot of people. That’s why I switched to minerals, like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide ....more

7 Little Known Beauty Brands You Have To Try

I never realised how many beauty brands are out there before I started blogging. Now, I discover a new one every week. And, last Friday, at the Blogger Summer Hangout event, I discovered like 7 (ok, one is not strictly beauty, but so useful for a beauty blogger anyway) ....more

The Beauty Elixir That Helps Me Fight Inflammaging

Ladies beware! Your skin has a new enemy: inflammaging. Actually, it’s an old enemy ....more

The Problem With Cosmeceuticals (And Why I Use Them Anyway)

After raving about cosmeceuticals a few days ago, I thought I should probably get into more detail about what the heck they are. Because, cosmeceuticals are freaking awesome. But, they can also be freaking dangerous ....more

BWB’s 8th Anniversary Giveaway: The Winner

Hello everyone, thank you to everyone for your kind wishes about my blog 8th anniversary, and for taking part in my giveaway. It is now over, and it’s time to choose the winner. As always, I chose it through ....more

Dermalogica: The Flawless, The Ugly, And The Just Nice

Dermalogica. With a name like that, you must be serious about dermatology and skincare, right? And Dermalogica sure has an outstanding reputation for getting the job done ....more