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Sanam Lamborn is the publisher of, a website dedicated to the cuisine of her birth land, Iran. As a passionate and creative cook much of her inspiration comes from having lived in Iran and Italy. She believes that the best meals are prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients. Sanam holds a BA and MA in English in addition to a Professional Cooking Certificate. While not cooking in her kitchen or blogging, Sanam teaches college level writing, oral communication classes, and life skills.  

Cabbage Pirashki

On my first post about Pirashki, I talked about my Russian friend Mela. When we used to work together she used to bring Pirashki to work every so often and ... Read More The post Cabbage Pirashki appeared first on My Persian Kitchen ....more

Baghali Artishow Khoresht ~ Fava Bean & Artichoke Stew

My friend Maryam a few weeks ago made an incredibly delicious Fava Bean and Artichoke...more

Sharbat-eh Rivas ~ Rhubarb Syrup

A couple of years ago I had to make a recipe using rhubarb. I assumed that I had never had rhubarb before and didn’t really relate to all the hype ... Read More The post Sharbat-eh Rivas ~ Rhubarb Syrup appeared first on My Persian Kitchen ....more

Kalam Polow Ba Zafaran ~ Cabbage Rice With Saffron

A couple of weeks ago I was leafing though my Rosa Mortazami cookbook looking for recipe inspiration. I came across her version of Kalam Polow. One thing that never seizes .. ....more

Persian Breakfast: Delivered To Your Door

I do a very limited amount of sponsored posts here on MPK as I am particular about who I recommend to my readers. In today’s post, though, I would like ... Read More The post Persian Breakfast: Delivered To Your Door appeared first on My Persian Kitchen ....more

Kuku-ye Baghali ~ Fava Bean Kuku

Spring time is Fava Bean season. I think that fava beans are underused and underestimated. Personally, I find them to be delicious ....more

Video Wednesday

Today’s video features two beloved Iranian traditional dish: Kalleh Pacheh and Dizi! Today’s video’s title is “Traditional Iranian Dishes.” It is produced by PressTV and it’s 5:02 minutes. The post Video Wednesday appeared first on My Persian Kitchen ....more

Rolet-eh Barreh ba Sabzi ~ Stuffed Lamb with Herbs

Not everyone likes lamb. The main complain that I hear is that people don’t like the smell of lamb. I can totally understand that ....more

Paneer-o Sabzi-o Gherdoo ~ Feta Cheese, Herbs, & Walnut Dip

Today is Sizdeh Bedar, the thirteen day of the Persian New Year. Customarily, Iranians pack up a picnic and spend the day outdoors enjoying some fresh air and nature. When .. ....more

Video Wednesday

These videos by One Thousand and One World Productions continue to be super cute. This one is about Sizdeh Bedar! This video’s title is “Animation about Sizdah-Bedar / انیمیشن شاد .. ....more