Planning Our Foodie Podcast

Beth: do you guys have Menards in Ohio? Kristen: Yes Beth: so I’ve been telling people to go to Menards and find the 2 lb bag of Albanian gummy bears because they are the freshest, softest, tastiest candy I’ve ever had but I just realized the bag says Albanese. not Albanian ....more

17 Life Changing Text Messages One iPhone User Never Expected

Me: so I’m questioning everything about my life right now Me: it is of course, iPhone/Android related. Me: so my pizza place has the WORST phone system Me: it’s a cheap IP system Me: it mutes one side if it picks up too much background noise, it beeps, you can’t hear when they read stuff back Me: it takes like 8 attempts to get the address right Me: I used to think it was me Me: but then everybody I know commented on it Me: all Android users, because those are my real friends, obvs Me: my Android is dead Me: tonight I called from my iPhone for the first time ever Me: crystal clear Me: did they get new phones? Me: did they finally listen to my complaint? ...more

Chili Bowl Saturday

Big day yesterday, lots of windshield time. I had to check in on a home show in Grayslake for work, about an hour and a half from home. Saw the coolest chair while there: Then we had to book it back to a smart TV in time for the E mains of the Chili Bowl, to watch Uncle David and team ....more

My dad, being a Grandpa

Want me to bring you anything from Tulsa, Ada? Maybe a mini-sprint? ...more

Dan is car shopping

Dan is car shopping. I’m just not ready for this ....more

Ada, getting honest

You should give me a jelly bean because or else I’ll cry ....more

One Fast Move or I’m Gone

Have you ever listened to an album non-stop for an entire year and then forgot it existed for a long time? I re-found this one this week ....more

Buttoning Up

Ada: Why this shirt hard? Me: Because it has buttons. It’s just a different kind of shirt ....more

12 Easy Steps for Purple Noodles

Do you have a kid who will eat anything as long as it’s purple? Here are 12 foolproof steps to a delicious dinner of purple noodles. 1. Do everything in this video but also add steps 2 through 9 which is just 6 dropcloths and 2 rolls of plastic covering every other surface within your home ....more