Book Give-away to Celebrate National Novel Writing Month

To celebrate National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo), I am giving away a book: Enter using the Rafflecopter tool below. **This book was sent to me for review ....more

Reflection: How 9/11 Changed Me

Every year, around 9/11, I check in on Rosemary A. Smith's story. She is the victim from the World Trade Center attacks whose story changed me most ....more

My Latest Obsession: Learning to Sew

This summer, I am learning how to make bags. So far, I have made a bunch of zipper pouches. A few weeks ago, I made little reversible messenger bags.I followed a pattern designed by Amber at Crazy Little Projects...more

Career Building: 3 Things to Do This Week:Find a Good Boss During Your Next Job Search

Figuring out if a potential boss's management style jives withyour working style is important, and with these tips fromexperts, just might be doable before you begin the job. If you are in the middle of your career and thinking about finding a new job, this week’s tips are for you. For this job search, you are no longer looking for your first job, the job that gets your professional life started, the one that provides money for your car payment ....more

New office supplies for summer: yoobi!

Target is now selling yoobi school supplies, vibrant fun colors that are perfect for summer and for stating college this fall. Yoobi means “one for you, one for me.” For every item purchased, one item will be donated to a U.S. classroom in need. I’m not sure exactly what a classroom needs with a fuzzy pencil case... ...but who can resist?I picked up some things for my cousin who is starting college in the fall ....more

A Working-Mom Thing: When Parenting Gets in the Way of Blogging

Where have I been lately?Well, I have been parenting. A snow storm in ...more

Lawyers are Scary (Not Really): Why We Don't Like to Hire Them

Books like these take all the fun out of feeling good about simply recycling. Creative-commons licensed photoby user umjanedoan. I used to work for lawyers ....more

Quick Tip! Get Free Paper from Staples (pay the tax!)

Staples is my favorite office supply store, especially since it started carrying products from Poppin, Poppin has my new favorite pens. Unfortunately, I use a lot of paper. I also work with students and start-ups who need to budget their money carefully, so I am sharing my tip for getting free paper from Staples.Right now,...more

Career Building: 3 Career Things To Do This Week

Career Fair Launch, a photo by Anita Borg Institute on Flickr. ONEPrep For a Career Fair...more

Career Fair Launch

Career Fair Launch, a photo by Anita Borg Institute on Flickr ....more