I’m Ruth. I am a mother of 6 boys, who daydreams about cooking for friends and traveling the world. I’ve been married 15 years to my renaissance husband who is a headmaster of a Classical school after 10 years of full-time pastoral ministry. I educate my children at home part-time (University-model schooling), and consider it a privilege to teach and show them Jesus at home. When not busy with family, I love to paint, sew, garden, host teas, cook, play the piano, mentor younger ladies, and redecorate my girlfriends’ homes.

GraceLaced is my online home where I write about the many moments in which grace intersects daily life…which is everymoment, whether I take note of it or not. Praise God he is helping me see his wondrous grace in the marvelous and the mundane.

My desire is that you will experience how grace-laced your life can be as well.


Nothing Frees A Broken Heart Like Reconciliation

Nothing frees a broken heart like reconciliation. Our little Haddon, at 2, knows how to resist correction...but also knows how to run to his father's arms, without delay. I was fascinated to see it the other day ....more

Capturing and Remembering The Ordinary {Liz Anne Photography Lifestyle Session}

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The Truth About Summer {Learned in the first 2 weeks}

I haven't intended to be a stranger here. It's just that...more

Honoring Manhood, Fathers, and Family {Father's Day at GraceLaced Shoppe}

Dwight L. Moody once said, "The world has yet to see what God will do with, and for, and through, and in, and by the man who is fully and wholly consecrated to him." There are no perfect fathers, no perfect husbands, and certainly no one who... To read the entire post and enjoy other features, please visit the GraceLaced ....more

Learning To Welcome Interruptions

Interruptions are a part of life, but I seem to be a slow learner. All day every day, there are six young men in my home who...more

Kids In The Kitchen {Goldfish® Trailmix + $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway}

Some of you follow me on Instagram, and have seen my boys cook and make breakfast, lunch, or even dinner at times. One of them cooks because he truly adore culinary arts, but two of them primarily help out in the kitchen because, well...they want to... To read the entire post and enjoy other features, please visit the GraceLaced ....more

When Dreams Don't Come True, And Even When They Do

I remember going through a particularly difficult and heart-wrenching season several years ago...more

Wherever You're At in Motherhood {+ New Mother's Day Releases}

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