2 Kids, a Minivan and a Mortgage

Hi!  I'm Kate.  35 yrs and a mother to 3.  Middle daughter is battling brain cancer so we are just living life day by day.  I blog to keep my sanity!

It's Been a While

Well, hello to anyone who might still be out there. ...more

Jail Break

In a crazy turn of events, I'm happy to say WE ARE HOME! ...more

Unfortunate Familiar Faces (hospital)

It's been such a long time since I've been able to pull up this page. ...more

Love Day

It's been quite a roller coaster at the Krull house as we have been fighting the battle of the ears. ...more

Surgery Update

Hi friends. Thank you all for storming the gates for us today. God must have heard all the prayers for protection and discernment because Lucy's surgery was postponed ....more

Ears and Determination

"Father fill my EARS with your beautiful love song and...more

Hello From the Other Side

Jack after a fun birthday party Tacky day at school Decade day at school Ok, so that was pretty lame but that's how life feels right now. ...more

It's Going to Be a Blast!

Hello to all from the Go Lucy Go Foundation....more

Weaknesses and Upcoming Scans

This past week Jack has been sick. ...more

A State of Worship

For all accounts, today was a crappy day. ...more