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Ashley's a work-at-home mom to daughter Ada and creator of lifestyle blogs (never home)maker and Writing Chapter Three. When she's not writing or wrangling deals, she's running, baking, snapping photos, or chasing the elusive $50 weekly grocery budget.

Cauliflower + Eggplant Mash, Two Ways

If you’d rather skip the traditional mashed potatoes this year in favor of a more veggie-filled side -- this recipe is for you. Not only that, you can transform any leftovers into a delicious veggie burger! Actually, you can do the veggie burger with any mash you might have on hand, but first I’ll cover making the roasted mashed veggies ....more

Chocolate + Pumpkin Pots de Crème

I fell out of love with food blogging for a while. Had you noticed? Something about planning and cooking ahead with the intention of photographing my meals just didn’t feel right ....more

Thanksgiving + Moosewood, etc.

If you don’t follow on Facebook, I shared last night that we finally figured out our Thanksgiving menu in full! I’m incredibly excited to start cooking. I had to run out for a few things at the store last night (bananas, milk, etc.) and cannot believe the crowds ....more

Weekend Things

Hi, friends! It’s been a cold one this week, and we’re so ready for the weekend. We’ve spent some time starting to decorate the house for...more

5 Winter Homesteading Goals

Now that winter is almost here, my homesteading projects have slowed considerably. I used to spend quite a bit of time outdoors gathering up our garden’s tomatoes. I’d spend hours in the kitchen on the weekend making recipes to fill our freezer with or otherwise preserving our CSA foods for the season ahead.With the cold, we’ve retreated ....more

Vegetarian Low Glycemic Foods

So, I guess I should just start by sharing that I’m not eating zero sugar. Still, I had been dealing with some major sugar highs and lows, dizziness, and other weird symptoms from eating too many carbs and sweet things. What started out as a mission to level out my blood sugar quickly turned into a quest for more protein ....more

Lowering the Glycemic Load

So, I brought up in my Weekend Things post that I’m experimenting with eating a diet lower in those high glycemic foods. What’s this all about? Well, if you’ve been reading here long enough, you know I have a regular battle with sugar ....more

Weekend Things

The things I do for my child: Ada’s at preschool celebrating her birthday with friends this morning. I wanted to send her in with a healthy celebration snack, so I saw this Olaf cheese stick idea on Pinterest and thought it’d be a good accompaniment to the raisins and chocolate covered pretzels. Definitely easy and fun if you’re looking to make something more festive for the preschooler crowd.Oh, and I’m really bad at drawing, so these are beginner-level easy! ...more

$0 Grocery Shopping Weeks

More and more, we’re trying to dig deep into our cupboards to have a few $0 grocery shopping weeks. I haven’t yet decided if we’re saving tons of money this way, but I do know that we’re using our foods better and eliminating waste all at the same time. It feels amazing to go grocery shopping when your refrigerator is near empty ....more

Thanksgiving 2014

This year we’re celebrating Thanksgiving on our own, so I’m currently planning the menu of what we’ll make and eat and eat again over the long weekend. Though I’m sure I’ll try some new recipes this year, I haven’t yet worked it all out. From experience, I like to use the holiday as an excuse make-again some favorite recipes from the past year or years.I’m still toying with the main course, but here’s what’s made the cut so far otherwise: PUMPKIN PESTO ROLLS APPLE + BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP BEST-EVER KALE CHIPS ROASTED ARTICHOKES VEGAN CRANBERRY STUFFING PUMPKIN HOT CHOCOLATE CHANGE-YOUR-LIFE VEGAN BROWNIES Have you come across any particularly compelling recipes in your search for this year’s menu? ...more