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Mostly Worldless Wednesday: Nuisance Snow

"Nuisance Snow" they called it Just a few inches Enough to snarl traffic And make you have to shovel your walk And clean off your car But I stopped in the middle of my driveway To take this picture Because it's not a nuisance To see my tree look like it's in full bloom With puffy white snow And the red-gold of the sunset Hitting it just so It's not a nuisance If you a take a minute To look for the beauty It's worth it, I promise ...more

"Don't Quit Your Day Job" Said The NY Time Bestselling Author...

A few years back, I attended a writing conference that featured a keynote speaker who was a New York Times bestselling author. During the Q&A period after her talk, someone asked her what advice she'd give to someone who wants to make a career out of writing. She didn't bat an eye."Don't quit your day job," she said.A year later, I went to a few blogger conferences - mind you, this was at the height of the blogger era, when banner ads abounded and not many people were reading on cellphones ....more

Resource Monday: Empower Autism Features Conference Speakers Who Are On The Spectrum

If you're anywhere near the Carolinas this weekend, you might want to get your ticket for the 3rd Annual Empower Autism Conference. This year's theme: "Autism and the Pursuit of Happiness." There are many great autism-related conferences all over the country, but what sets the Empower Autism Conference apart is that it features speakers who are autistic self-advocates. As a parent, caregiver, family member, friend or instructor, there is incredible value in hearing those who are on the spectrum discuss the challenges they face daily and from their point of view ....more

It's Friday - Let's Just Get Happy!

I am celebrating the official end to the week from hell. The kids are on the mend, the house is slowly getting cleaned, and the cats have stopped barfing on the carpet - for now. So here's a bunch of videos that make me happy for various reasons ....more

I Am One Tired And Overwhelmed Mom

I have two kids down now, one of them who's getting a strep test today. My house looks like someone dropped a bomb on it, I have two very big writing deadlines looming and one lesser deadline gnawing at me. My bosses are all traveling at the day job, but that somehow means they're sending me more work, and working from home with sick kids calling your name every few minutes is really less than ideal ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Dreary, Dreary Day

Raining over the snow One fever, two fever Both of them snuggled in my bed As I look out the window Tired, but grateful That we're all here together Taking care of each other ...more

Stir Fry Makes Dinner Easy - And This Handy Cheat Sheet Makes It Even Easier!

I've decided I'm going to try to pass along a good time-saving tip every now and again, because we can all use things that make our lives less complicated.I've been on a real push to eat healthier this year, but finding time to cook a balanced, tasty, healthy meal is tough when you're a single mom working two jobs.Tossing everything in a wok and putting together a stir fry takes mere minutes, and you can really get creative with combinations of veggies and sauces. I recently came across this awesome...more

Resource Monday: Europe Is Moving Forward With More Autism-Friendly Campuses

Last week, Dublin City University in Dublin, Ireland announced the start of an 18-month initiative geared toward making their campus more autism-friendly.The program has been developed in conjunction with...more

Signs Point To FRIDAY!!

TGIF, baby! And no snow in the forecast! Whoo hooo!! ...more

Make Time For Your Kids - Individually

So we're trying something new, the ex and I. An adjustment to our parenting agreement, and so far, it's a good thing. It all started with Anna, expressing a wish that we could just take the day off and play hooky every now and again ....more