Rome’s Water Worries

Dear Blog Readers – My colleagues and I have been dedicating our week to covering the drought in Italy and the problem of water supply for the city of Rome. It is hard to believe that Rome, a city surrounded by ancient Roman aqueducts, where water flows freely in fabulous fountains, is now struggling to […] The post Rome’s Water Worries appeared first on Mozzarella Mamma ....more

Covering the G7 in Taormina, Sicily

Dear Blog Readers, I am sitting in the airport waiting area in Catania, Sicily trying to take advantage of the sugar high from yet-another cannoli to get started on a post about the past six days in Sicily working on AP coverage of the G7 summit in Taormina. Thanks to a well-timed Alitalia strike at […] The post Covering the G7 in Taormina, Sicily appeared first on Mozzarella Mamma ....more

Mr. Walls Vs. Mr. Bridges at the Vatican

The AP Television Rome bureau team is getting ready for a big meeting coming up this Wednesday with two of the most compelling figures on the world stage – Pope Francis and US President Donald Trump. Trump is scheduled to meet the Pope at the Vatican Wednesday morning at 8:30am. His motorcade will pull into […] The post Mr ....more

Wax Limbs and Rose Petals – Following the Pope in Fatima

Dear Blog Readers – I am trying to whip off this post while flying from Lisbon back to Rome after five days in the town of Fatima, Portugal....more

A Pope’s Bitter End

Dear Blog Readers – I just spent the week taking a journalism course in the small town of Fiuggi, in the hills a little south of Rome. I loved going back to “school” and spending hours in the classroom learning about Italian law, the modern history of Europe, and economics....more

Europe’s Day in Rome

Dear Blog Readers— Yesterday was an historic day for Europe, although it seems to have gone by without much of a blip on the worldwide news radar. I won’t write much about it, but I wanted to share a few behind-the-scenes notes and photos. The leaders of the 27 nations of the European Union gathered […] The post Europe’s Day in Rome appeared first on Mozzarella Mamma ....more

Lucia’s Battle

Dear Blog Readers, I have been working with my AP wire colleague Fran D’Emilio on a story on women fighting back against violence in Italy that went out this morning as part of the AP’s many stories for International Women’s Day. Fran wrote an excellent story (see link below) – I handled the TV side—but […] The post Lucia’s Battle appeared first on Mozzarella Mamma ....more

High in the Sky over Lazio

Dear Bloggers – This post is the story of how I found myself with sweaty palms in a plane about the size of a firefly looking out over the rolling hills, green fields, and tiny medieval villages around Rome. It all started with the French language. I have been taking an intermediate French language class […] The post High in the Sky over Lazio appeared first on Mozzarella Mamma ....more

From Palmyra to Rome

Dear Blog Readers, Just a quick blog post to tell you about a little gem of a story I was working on yesterday....more

The Writing is on the Wall – Mysteries and Portents in Rome

Dear Blog Readers, You may wonder where I have been since I haven’t been posting. Actually right here in Rome, frenetically rushing around as usual trying to keep all my balls in the air. Hear the sound of them plopping to the ground around me? ...more