Frazzle and Aniploish

I live near Detroit with my husband and many bottles of nail polish. When I'm not writing in my blog about nail polish and nail art, I'm working as a software engineer or pursuing one of my other hobbies, like skiing, quilting, and knitting.

Deborah Lippmann Recipe for Love Trio and Cosmic Love

One of the temptations I succumbed to during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was the Recipe for Love set from Deborah Lippmann, a trio of mini polishes: You Got Me Started (grey creme), Make Someone Happy (glitter/shimmer topper), and Let's Stay Together (deep berry creme).I tried the cremes on their own first, at two coats each. You Got Me Started is a cool grey, on the lighter side but not what I'd call pastel. Let's Stay Together is a slightly dusty deep but not too dark plum; for some reason this pulled much darker on me than it did on the polish insomniac ....more

Wet Paint Nails Continued

You may recall that earlier this summer Wet Paint Nails kindly sent me a bunch of polishes for review, and that when I did my second post about the Wet Paint Nail Glaze System I mentioned I had still more combinations to share. Being me, I got distracted and am only now getting around to wrapping up writing about my experience with this first batch of colors I tried from Wet Paint.Let's kick things off with Shock & Aqua, a light turquoise creme. I used two coats for my swatch; the formula was quite nice.To all a little something to Shock & Aqua, I topped it with two coats of Carmel Breeze, one of the shimmery Special Effects polishes.The blue glow from Carmel Breeze was particularly glow-y in low direct light:When I topped Shock & Aqua Pearly Girl, the other shimmery Special Effects color, it gained a soft pink glow.The pink from Pearly Girl really came out in direct sunlight:Bimini Blue is a deep blue creme that's just a tiny bit purple-leaning ....more

Wheel R6: Glitters from Studio M, Pure Ice, and Others

(all three coats, no topcoat, except as noted below)1. Massini Sheer Denim [I got back into nail polish before this brand changed to Studio M; still not sure why they did that]2. Massini Brown Velvet (2 coats)3 ....more

Various Summer Brights Comparisons

I did a fair few comparisons when I swatched the L'Oreal Neons last month but my swatching boxes still had some brights that weren't in that shade range, so today I've got a few more comparisons showing different brands' takes on summer cremes.Starting with bright pinks, I've got Orly Neon Heat (from this summer's Baked collection) and OPI Girls Love Ponies (from the Mustang collection).What looks like a small difference in the bottle becomes much more pronounced on the nail, with the Orly being much brighter than the OPI—though the Orly is not quite neon despite the name; you can see that it doesn't dry to a satin finish like a true neon would. I used two coats of the Orly and three of the OPI, no topcoat; the OPI would have been two coats if I'd used a base, as the only reason I added the third was to disguise the ridges on my ring finger. Top to bottom: OPI, Orly, OPI, Orly.In the orange red category, our contenders are Butter London Ladybird (Lolly Brights), OPI Race Red (Mustang), and NYC Carnival Red (City Samba).Left to right below (two coats each):Butter London, OPI, NYC ....more

Oopsie Daisies Petals Collection

With more and more fall polishes hitting the stores recently, it's long past time when should have shared the spring collection from Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish, but fortunately these colors are still available in the Oopsie Daisies etsy shop, so I feel like it's not entirely too late. The Petals collection has five polishes in it: Marigold, Clover, Wisteria, Sweet Pea, and Calla Lily.Marigold is a soft yellow with subtle peach and yellow shimmer. The color reminds me of French vanilla ice cream, or to put it in terms of office supplies, darker than file folders and lighter than interoffice envelopes ....more

FingerPaints Poolside Paradise Swatches and Comparisons

My apologies for skipping Nail Wheel Wednesday yesterday; I had a lunch meeting that took up my usual blog post writing time, and I've been too busy with post-vacation catching up this week to work a day ahead like I sometimes manage to do. I have a wheel already picked out for next week, though.Today I have summer shimmer comparisons featuring the FingerPaints Poolside Paradise collection, which first popped up in my Sally Beauty stores in June but which I've still seen hanging around recently despite the fall stuff already showing up and pushing out summer colors. This collection has a rainbow of six shades (well, there's no indigo, but that's okay, indigo is not really a summer color anyway): Be My Baby, Aloha Lei, Hula Aruba, Margarita Mambo, Surf's Up, and Wild Bikini ....more

Cover Girl XL Nail Gel Swatches and Nail Art

Cover Girl hopped on the gel bandwagon, specifically the no-special-light-needed gel bandwagon, with their XL Nail Gel line that hit stores several months back. Unlike the L'Oreal, Revlon, and Sally Hansen offerings in this category, Cover Girl is not pushing a special topcoat to go with their gels, which I appreciate, as I suspect I already own enough topcoat to paint my car and don't need more. There are nine shades in this line ....more

Recent NOTDs and a Mini Trip Report

So yes, I did disappear last week, and as per usual when that happens, I was travelling, this time to my home away from home in the mountains of northern Idaho. To start the week, my nails sported Zoya Stevie, posed below with a giant leaf along one of the trails we hiked. My arm is dirty from clambering over a huge pine tree that had fallen across the path due to a big storm that blew through just before we arrived in town (and my wedding ring is off because as you can see, my fingers were turning into sausages because that's how they do in the heat of summer when I exercise).I didn't have time to do a fresh mani for the trip, so Stevie is actually layered over a previous mani, Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips in Pinkies Up, which were a gift from the lovely turtlechick ....more

Welcome to August Displays

Almost a month since my last display post, so it's time.One of my most recent display finds is China Glaze All Aboard, which is their Fall 2014 offering. One of my Sally Beauty stores decided to put it out now. I may not be ready for autumn, but someone was, as two of the colors were already gone when I got there ....more

L'Oreal Limited Edition Neons with Comparisons

For Summer 2014, L'Oreal released the textured Miss Denim collection plus a six-color Neons group, which is what I have today. Left to right: Fluo Azur, Flashing Lilac, Acid Watermelon, Punchy Lychee, Energetic Tangerine, and Banana Pop.These are all cremes, and since I have a low tolerance for cremes at the moment, I did not do full hand swatches of these. I Skittled the four warmest and brightest shades together ....more