Frazzle and Aniploish

I live near Detroit with my husband and many bottles of nail polish. When I'm not writing in my blog about nail polish and nail art, I'm working as a software engineer or pursuing one of my other hobbies, like skiing, quilting, and knitting.

Wheel F9: Pearly Shimmers

Of course I didn't plan on doing no posts between one Nail Wheel Wednesday and the next, but the mountain has been very distracting lately. Here's the winter wonderland out my back window:I have spent some time off the slopes and in the studio playing with nail polish, though. Today I have a wheel full of pearly shimmer polishes, many of them "vintage".(all three coats)1 ....more

Wheel E9: Cracked, Crackle, Shatter

Today on Nail Wheel Wednesday I return to the heady days of the early 2010s, when crack polish was everywhere.(all one coat over white creme, with clear topcoat added after the cracks formed; on odd numbered tips, crack was applied base to tip, on even ones, it was applied diagonally)1. 2012 by Cherimoya Sanctuary2. 2012 by Cherimoya Jesus Christ Superstar3 ....more

Nails of Valentine's Day

For the holiday today, I've adorned my digits with Incoco nail polish strips in the Love Spell design, which I got from 2015's Love Story display that was in some Walgreens stores. I checked the Incoco website today and saw this design is still in their lineup.These strips have a light pink background (which on some of my strips had faded to almost white; I don't know if that happened at the store or in storage, though I've pretty much had them out of the light since I bought them). The pink is crossed by solid and dashed grey lines decorated with hearts and bows and circles (though none of the bows made it onto the nails that are the stars of this blog).Because I put these on at home rather than in my studio, I have no lightbox photos of them ....more

Orly Color Blast La La Land

I picked up the Orly Color Blast La La Land set of three polishes at Kohls recently; gotta love their coupons. I haven't seen the movie, so don't know how well these colors tie in, but they do look nice and spring-like. Left to right: Anything Goes, Cool in California, Forget Me Not ....more

Wheel D9: Holos from Smitten Polish

Back when I had a job and bought more polish than I do now, which was also back when I was better able to keep up with indies, Smitten Polish was one of my go to brands. Smitten is now Dreamland Lacquer, but all of the shades on today's wheels are from before that rebranding, and they're all holographics I grabbed to swatch when I happened to be in my studio on a sunny day.Above was in the lightbox as per usual; I just had to hold it up near the window and get a sun shot, too:(all are two coats)1. Smitten Polish An Opera of Canaries2 ....more

Valentine's Nails of the Day

Just a quick NOTD post today, as we've been having serious snow the past several days, and I've completely worn myself out skiing it (and shoveling, though we only have to do the decks and part of the driveway). We're up around three and a half feet of snow since Friday night, and are trying to do the early to bed, early to rise plan so we can get out and really enjoy it.During this whole storm cycle, I've been wearing some Sally Hansen Salon Effects Valentine's Day strips from my stash. Cross My Heart has deep pink hearts and x's on a very very light pink background, and though I put them on quickly at my dining room table late one night, I've gotten several compliments on them.This is a one-way design, and I'm very proud of myself for realizing that before I put the strips on, so I could deliberately apply them with the hearts point down (toward my tips) on one hand and point up on the other (no pictures of that, unfortunately, but you can imagine).These are holding up well; I put them on Thursday and have yet to do any touch ups with the bottle of pale pink polish I have standing ready ....more

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Duo

I doubled the number of shades of Revlon's ColorStay Gel Envy line in my stash when I bought the two most interesting ones from the recent display.Win Big is a rose gold metallic shimmer. I used three coats for my swatch but two probably would have been fine. This is one of those polishes I can't quite decide on ....more

Wheel C9: Glitters from OPI

Nail Wheel Wednesday in recent weeks has been an exercise in "finished is better than perfect". I'm still unpacking polish from the big move (thousands of bottles takes time, especially since they're in my studio down in town and during ski season it's hard to get motivated to leave the mountain), so what I have to choose from when I paint a wheel is just what's been unpacked and semi-sorted. I can't be sure that the 20 bottles I choose for any given wheel wouldn't better be matched with ones still to be pulled out of boxes ....more

SinfulColors SWAK

I'm feeling pretty on top of things right now, because I've swatched the new shades in the SinfulColors Valentine's display, SWAK (Sinful with a Kiss), a full two weeks before the relevant holiday. This feeling will pass as soon as my gaze lands on one of the multitude of unpacked boxes around here, but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!The four new colors in this display are Kissful Thinking (shade 2203), Break Dance Not Hearts (2201), Readie or Not (2202), and It's About Valen-time (2200). I decided to include the shade numbers because that's the main way I figure out which ones are new, look for the higher numbers that form a sequence.Of course I went first for the glitter, Kissful Thinking ....more

Top 10 of 2016

I've done a Top 20 list every year I've been writing this blog, but 2016 was such a messed up year for me with all the travel and moving and my mom dying that I wasn't even sure if I wore 20 different polishes, so I'd decided to skip it. Then my friend Mel did a series of posts about her favorites in her blog Delicious Color, and I reconsidered. As it turned out, I had worn more than 20 polishes last year, but it was definitely a much smaller pool than prior years, so I decided to do a top 10 this go round.Rimmel Mind the Gap Victoria, a light cornflower blue creme.Kiko Velvet Satin Midnight Blue, a very deep navy matte shimmer.SinfulShine Illusion, a blue shimmer.Studio M Cherry Blossom, a pale pink shimmer topper, swatched here over Studio M By Design, a vampy berry creme.LA Colors Color Craze Gel Magical, a lilac with gold and pink shimmer that can be worn alone or as a topper.Orly Frenemy, a black jelly with silver holo microglitter and flakies, swatched here over Orly Makeup to Breakup, a dark teal blue creme.Orly Color Blast Multicolored Gloss Glitter, a mulitcolored hex glitter topper, shown here in a jelly sandwich with Essence Nail Candies Peachy Keen:Revlon Magnetic, blue glitter in a purple/blue duochrome shimmer base.Lit NYC Power and Lovergirl, the former a blue/purple duochrome shimmer and the lattter a multicolored glitter topper, swatched together here.I've pretty much gone back to my drugstore roots with this list ....more