Frazzle and Aniploish

I live near Detroit with my husband and many bottles of nail polish. When I'm not writing in my blog about nail polish and nail art, I'm working as a software engineer or pursuing one of my other hobbies, like skiing, quilting, and knitting.

Wheel T7: Glitters from Lynnderella

I am determined to do better with Nail Wheel Wednesday this month than last, so here I am with 20 glitter from Lynnderella, a brand with which I had a brief affair before the drama got to be too much for me.(all 3 coats plus topcoat)1. Lynnderella Matter of the Heart2. Lynnderella Heart Strings3 ....more

Sally Hansen Comparisons

With all the new colors from Sally Hansen out in stores right now, I felt some comparisons were called for, both new colors with each other and new colors with earlier ones.Let's start with Triple Shine, matching up the new light blue shimmer Make a Splash (on the left) with the old light blue shimmer Pool Party (on the right).Here they alternating on the nail, starting with Make a Splash on the far left; this is three coats of each. You can see that Make a Splash is a cooler-toned blue with a slightly finer shimmer. They're certainly not dupes.Next I've got blue green cremes: Triple Shine Seasational (from last summer's LE Tahiti Sunset collection), Triple Shine Seas the Day (new core), and Complete Salon Manicure Please Sea Me (existing core) ....more

New Shades of Sally Hansen Triple and FingerPaints

For today's post, I pulled two groups of polish out to play with each other, simply because they were both in my swatching queue and both were new shades in their respective polish lines. Given that there were a total of 16 shades, getting them all into one post meant doing a lot of combinations, like this look involving three base colors and a glitter with a jelly sandwich on one nail thrown in for good measure.We'll get to the details on that in a little bit; first let's look at what we're dealing with. There are ten new shades of Sally Hansen Triple Shine, which I felt compelled to buy all of because I've at least Skittle swatched every shade in the line since it was introduced in 2013 (see first 29 colors plus the topcoat, the Palm Beach "jellies", and the Tahiti Sunset collection) ....more

SinfulColors CitrusTwist Swatches and Shenanigans

SinfulColors has certainly been keeping me busy swatching. First there were the Valentine and St. Patrick's glitters, then the opalescent toppers, and today I've got the three jelly shimmers from the CitrusTwist display: Ring the Belini (yellow orange), Zest of Times (hot pink), and Horizon Shine (red orange).I tried these first on their own ....more

Random Beauty Supply Finds

The other week I was at a Sally Beauty a little outside my normal shopping routes and across the parking lot I noticed an independent beauty supply. I suspected it would be, like most similar places around here, a "hair store" full of wigs and extensions and either no nail polish or a very little nail polish in displays that hadn't been updated with new stock in a while, but I hadn't been to this particular one before, so tromped across the snow to see what I could see. It actually had a whole aisle of nail stuff, so that was a pleasant surprise ....more

A Little Later Than Mid-February Displays

For a change, it hasn't been way too long since my last display post, at least not judging by the number of photos piled up in my folder to be posted. Maybe it's just a slow time for new polish.Butter London gets us kicked off with their Spring 2015 collection, High Tea, which I saw at Ulta, in the now usual spot down the aisle instead of on the top shelf above the core polish display on the endcap where they used to be and where I was more likely to see them. The confusing thing here is that while I expected six polishes based on the press release, and there are six polishes here, they aren't all the same colors as promised in the press release ....more

Milani Fierce Foil Swatches

I'm still not won over by Milani changing to cylindrical bottles (the caps being the same width as the base means I can't see the polish color when the bottles are in my Helmer drawers, which wasn't the case with the previous Milani bottles), but that did not stop me from scooping up all six of the Fierce Foil shades.I didn't have the time or attention span to swatch each of the colors individually; fortunately, they paired up with each other nicely. My first duo is the very spring/Easter-appropriate combination of Rome, a lilac, and Capri, a pink. I used two coats of each ....more

Wheel Y7: Silvery Taupe Shimmers

Gah, yes, it's yet another busy week that's interfering with my posting here. Poor Nail Wheel Wednesday almost got pushed off again, but I decided to just for right now ignore the list of 13 things I must do before I leave work today and instead enjoy a little break. Surely that will recharge me enough that I'll be more productive when I return my attention to work list.Today's wheel has shimmers in a color family I called "silvery taupe" when I jotted down my notes about it during the painting session ....more

Hearts for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! For the occasion, I have a holiday appropriate glitter topper Funky Fingers put out this year called I ...more

Sally Hansen Meets SinfulColors, Round 2

It's been another busy week for me, but I just couldn't let it go by without any posts here at all. I'm hoping to be back to a more normal blogging schedule soon. A couple weeks ago, I played with eight new Insta Dri core shades from Sally Hansen in combination with two glitter toppers from SinfulColors ....more