Frazzle and Aniploish

I live near Detroit with my husband and many bottles of nail polish. When I'm not writing in my blog about nail polish and nail art, I'm working as a software engineer or pursuing one of my other hobbies, like skiing, quilting, and knitting.

A Month of Halloween Manis

I have so many nail polish strips stockpiled in my basement that it's a bit ridiculous, so I decided I would make an effort in October to wear some of the many Halloween-themed designs, since I sure wasn't going to bust them out any other time of year. I found I had enough just in the Sally Hansen Salon Effects section to fill the whole month, putting on a new set every week.First up was the Patch-o-Lanterns design from 2012, which is black and orange with overlapping jack o'lantern faces. I didn't remember when I put these on that I'd worn this design before, two years ago when they were new ....more

Pahlish Halloween Selections

In keeping with the Halloween theme this week, today I have three shades from the Pahlish Happy Holo-ween collection. When I saw the bottles had special labels with a ghost on them, I was powerless to resist.I wore two of these holos together, giving Trick or Mint, a spring green with gold shimmer/microflakies, an accent nail of Pop Rock Panic, a lilac with silver shimmer/purple microflakies. I used three coats of each and added topcoat for extra shine ....more

Wheels E8 and F8: Yellow and Orange Cremes

Halloween week seems like a perfect time to share orange cremes, so that's what I've got for this Nail Wheel Wednesdsay, along with some yellows, because at the point I painted that wheel, I didn't have 20 untried yellow cremes so filled out the wheel with oranges and ochres.(all three coats except as noted)1. Finger Paints Lemon Sour2. Ulta Cream of the Crop3 ....more

Shortest Display Post Ever

In the three weeks since my last display post, I saw some additional Halloween displays and figured I'd best get them up here on the blog now since there are only a few days to go before the ghouls and goblins and sexy ghosts/librarians/super heroes/etc. show up. My Sally Beauty store (and maybe yours, too), tucked the Halloween makeup displays, including the polish, on an endcap in the middle of the store, which doesn't really cater to folks like me who are in the habit of just hitting the nail polish displays near the front and pretty much ignoring all the hair stuff that takes up most of the rest of the space ....more

Smitten Polish Current Limited Editions

Over the weekend, I experienced the entirely too rare overlap of sunshine and swatching time, so I took advantage of that to try some Smitten Polish limited edition shades while they're still current.The Halloween Duo has Fire Burn, an orange jelly packed with sparkly microglitter, and Cauldron Bubble, a black jelly just as packed with super fine holo microglitter. These are available separately, but you are a stronger person than me if you can get just one (and also if you can read the names without hearing the Frog Choir singing in your head). I alternated the colors on my nails, using two coats of each, then added topcoat to speed dry time so I could get to taping off narrow triangles to be filled in with the opposite color (I used regular Scotch transparent tape, putting it on the back of my hand first to make it less sticky and thus less likely to mess with the base layer) ....more

Sally Hansen Costume-ize Your Nails

Today I've got the Insta Dri and Fuzzy Coat colors from the Sally Hansen Costume-ize Your Nails display they put out for Halloween: Fur-ankenstein, Night Fright, OMGhost, Pumpkin Queen, Scaredy Matte, and Witch-ful Thinking. One could make a very strong case that I should have left all the Insta Dri colors in the store, as they are all cremes, and I have plenty of cremes in my stash, way too many cremes some might say. But as I mentioned when I posted the display, I was hoping the white was a match for the discontinued Whirlwind White, my holy grail white creme, so I had to get that, and I use a lot of black creme for undies, both on my nails and on wheels, so the two blacks would get used, and as long as I was getting three of the four I might as well complete the set ....more

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Swatches and Comparisons

Sample provided for review The Color Club Seven Deadly Sins collection is made up of seven textured matte glitters: Dirty Money, Indulge Me, Friends with Benefits, Under Your Spell, Fierce, You're so Vain, and Obsessed. I couldn't map these one to one to the actual deadly sins; sloth in particular doesn't seem to be represented.Dirty Money (for the sin of Greed, I assume), is a light gold with a textured microglitter base and a scattering of small lighter gold hexes; I used two coats for my swatch. The color really doesn't suit me, and I wasn't too sure about the texture, which is not as pronounced as some other brands I've tried ....more

Wheel F7: Brass and Bronze and Brown Shimmers

As you can see from the title of this post, I'm not entirely sure what to call the polishes I have for this Nail Wheel Wednesday. I'm pretty confident with the "shimmers" part, though a few do have some glitter tendencies. I guess leaving it at just "brown shimmers" would have worked, as these are all brown, provided you have an inclusive defintion of that color. 1 ....more

Recent NOTD: Three Swings, Two Misses

My neutral phase continued after the previous batch of NOTDs I posted. This time I've got three looks I wore, only the first of which I was really happy with.That first look combined two recent releases from Sally Hansen. After laying down a base of Salon Sciences Starting Over After Artificials topped with Instant Artificials, I put on Complete Salon Manicure in Himalaya, a light tan creme from the Fall Pastels subgroup in the Runway Collection LE display for this fall ....more

Milani Bedazzled and Deborah Lippmann New York Marquee

Sorting through my "to be swatched" boxes, I decided that the two colors I chose from Deborah Lippmann's Fall 2014 collection, New York Marquee, coordinated with two of the colors in the trio of Milani Color Statement polishes from the current Bedazzled display. Thus, I swatched them together; there's no reason high end and drugstore brands can't be mixed in one manicure.Top: Deborah Lippmann Harlem Nocturne and I'll Take Manhattan. Bottom: Milani Enchanted Sapphire, Enchanted Garnet, and Enchanted Emerald.I knew the Lippmanns were chrome finish, so I departed from my usual swatching practice and put down a base coat before I tried them ....more