Frazzle and Aniploish

I live near Detroit with my husband and many bottles of nail polish. When I'm not writing in my blog about nail polish and nail art, I'm working as a software engineer or pursuing one of my other hobbies, like skiing, quilting, and knitting.

Winter and Holiday Displays

We in southeastern Michigan had our first snowstorm of the season this past weekend, so it feels like a good time to share the winter and holiday displays that have been showing up at stores.This first display isn't marketed as a holiday collection, but the colors read like one to me. It's the Bonita Forget Me Not display as seen at Rite Aid. Six shades: Golden Girl, Tinman's Brew, Mo' Money, Do the Flamingo, You're My Lobster, Forget-Me-Not.The Bonita Holiday Helpers set, also at Rite Aid, is clearly meant for Christmas ....more

Current NOTD: Mickey Mouse Stamping

Okay, yes, I've been gone again, but I have two really good reasons this time: with one last big push, we finished up all the projects needed to get our house on the market, then the very next day after we listed it for sale, we left for a vacation in southern California, most of which we spent at the Disney theme parks there. I got back late last night, and my nails even now are sporting the Mickey Mouse manicure I did for the trip.I did my nails just before we left for the airport, so the only photos I got were at the restaurant we ate lunch at before we caught our flight out. I put on Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator first, then Sally Hansen Insta Gel Strips in Pink Pong ....more

Revlon Fiery Temptress Polishes for Fall 2015

My recent display post included the latest Revlon display, the Fiery Temptress color collection. Most of the products in it are face cosmetics, but there are two polishes nestled in the center, Uninhibited and Untamed. Initially I passed on these, since they aren't really my colors (and I'm sorta kinda trying to be in low buy mode and sometimes succeeding at that) ....more

Halloween Season Nails

In recent weeks I've done a bunch of things instead of writing here as much as I intended, including patching drywall and painting an entire closet and part of a ceiling as well as packing a bunch more boxes. All the while, my nails were adorned with Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips in designs from past Halloween collections (I don't think there was one this year, which makes me wonder if they're phasing out this product line like so many others before it—Magical Nail Makeup, Nail Prisms, Lacquer Shine, to name three).First up was Wishnets, a black on red fishnet design, a half a package of which I had hanging around, possibly from 2012 when I last wore them. This mani almost wasn't; the first two strips I tried (from a sealed pack) were so sticky and fragile that I ripped them when I removed them from the backing ....more

September and October Displays

When I published my last display post at the end of August, I had every intention of not letting too much time pass before my next one. Yeah, right. It's been nearly two months ....more

Recent NOTD: Ministry of Beauty Ultra-Reflect Nails, Take Three

When I came back from vacation last month with those two broken nails (as documented in this post), I filed down the others into shorties, which meant it was a perfect time to dip into my stash of shorter fake nails. I turned for the third time to Ministry of Beauty Ultra-Reflect nails, which I stocked up on back when they were sold at Meijer stores. I wore the olive multichrome and white iridescent earlier this year and didn't want to repeat, so chose the lavender iridescent this time ....more

Glitters from Native War Paints

When I shared the Native War Paints Holographics the other week, I mentioned I'd gotten more from the brand I'd share later. Later is now. Today I have two glitters, starting with Wise Cracking Waitress, a purple jelly filled with black, blue, and purple glitter with a scattering of silver holo microglitter ....more

Funky Fingers Halloween 2015

Just when I was starting to get back into some sort of blogging rhytmn, I threw myself off again by taking a long weekend trip to Madison to support my friend Jen at the launch of her second book, Future Perfect, a young adult novel that addresses body image and self-acceptance. (Which I will be reading even though I am an old adult.) I was so busy having fun that I didn't even do my nails all weekend. They're still bare but for treatment this morning ....more

Zoya Fall 2015 Focus and Flair

Sample provided for review With all the travel and other busy-ness I've been up to, getting a twelve-polish release swatched and posted has been a challenge. I had the Zoya fall colors delivered to my place in Idaho, swatched them there, wasn't happy with the results, wore two of the colors in my HPB Presents Autumn mani, wore two more of the colors in a later mani, did a little more swatching yesterday, wasn't happy with that either, but decided today is the day to get these up regardless.Focus is the creme half of Zoya's fall offering this year: Lidia (purple), Sia (blue), Desiree (brown), Charlie (greenish grey), Janel (red), and Hannah (red). Flair are the shimmers: Giada (purple), Estelle (blue), Cinnamon (brown), Tris (greenish grey), Aggie (greenish gold), and Ember (red orange).These collections match up so nicely with each other, except for the extra red ....more

Native War Paints Holographics

Today I have two holo polishes from Michigan-based indie brand Native War Paints. First up, Rotten Zombie Flesh, an olive green holo shimmer. I used three coats for my swatch; there is a preorder on now for what must be an updated version, as its listing says it's opaque in two coats ....more