Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity

I'm a wife and mother of two little girls. I love reading, quilting, blogging, cooking, traveling, and just general fun. Although I work in the insurance field, my college background is in literature. My husband and I have recently discovered that our favorite way to spend time together is creating in the kitchen--when we're not out traveling, that is.

The Sparrow Readalong – Midway Check-in

You made it halfway through The Sparrow Readalong!! Ok, some of you cheater cheaters have already finished and some of you haven’t gotten far yet. That’s OK! ...more

Molasses Glazed Chicken Thighs

When Scott and I were working on Operation Use My Grill this summer, I knew that chicken had to be on the agenda. Mostly so that we could figure out how to properly grill chicken. See, when I think of chicken on the barbie, I think of dry, chewy, tasteless…well, that pretty much sums it up ....more

Evie’s Baby Quilt FINISHED!!

The moment that I found out I was having another girl, I immediately began scouring my favorite quilting blogs for inspiration for her quilt. I sought out advice on Twitter and Hannah (of Wordlily) started sending me different ideas. I believe she’s the one who introduced me to the Urban Lattice design (originally from Me a Mom) and seeing the top from Lee of Freshly Pieced sold me on the design ....more

Quiet by Susan Cain [Audiobook]

Title: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking Author: Susan Cain Narrator: Kathe Mazur Published: 2012; Pages: 333 Audio Duration: 10 hrs, 39 min Genre: Non-fiction Rating: I *need* a paper copy for all the highlighting On Amazon | On Indiebound | On Goodreads | On Audible In Short: The world is full of introverted individuals; Cain explores many of the attributes assigned to and realized by introverts and how the introverted personality type can be one of quiet power. Why I Listened: As an introvert, I knew I needed to experience this book. Listening was the fastest way I could get to it ....more

The Readalong Gang – Sunday Post 94

Happy Sunday, y’all! For some of you, happy fall. It looks like next week we’ll dip down into the 80s so I’m trying not to be envious or anything ....more

Cook it Up! September Link-Up

Welcome to the September edition of Cook It Up! If you’re new to the challenge, the idea is to pull those cookbooks off the shelves–you know, the ones with pages you can turn–and use them. These can be cookbooks that you already own or cookbooks that you’d like to check out from the library (or borrow from a friend?) ....more

East of Eden – John Steinbeck

Title: East of Eden Author: John Steinbeck Published: 1952;...more

Twelve Month Update – 8.31.14

Or in other words, a year. I’m in total shock and a bit of disbelief that my baby is a year old. Though I think this might be a bit more painful if she were my first ....more

The Sparrow Readalong – The Beginning

Today’s the day that we start The Sparrow Readalong! I’ve been waiting oh so patiently for September 1st to start as every time I’ve mentioned The Sparrow over the past couple of weeks people have virtually grabbed hold of my shoulders and yelled “OMG THAT BOOK.” I can’t wait to see what all the buzz is about (nooooo, I still haven’t read a summary of the book). If you missed the details, we will be reading The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell throughout the month of September ....more

Express Lane Meals by Rachael Ray

My mom gifted me Express Lane Meals by Rachael Ray for Christmas 2006. I know this because she wrote a very lovely inscription in the front cover. If memory serves, she gifted a copy to both of my sisters as well ....more