#Prince: I Can’t Believe He’s Gone

Prince was a revolution. It was in his creativity, which gave life to genre-spanning, soul-funkifying music. It was in his political activism, from HIV/AIDS awareness, Hurricane Katrina aftermath, and Black Lives Matter ....more

Wordless Wednesdays: Sitting on the dock of the bay

Boats in the Oslo fjord. This is along Akker Brygge, one of Oslo’s most popular spots. It used to be an old shipyard, but now is home to many upscale and trendy restaurants and boutiques ....more

#TalkToMe: Son Remembers That His Mom Ain’t So Bad

Every parent has a vision of what the ideal parent looks like. Whether it’s feeding well-behaved children all organic food and teaching them advanced math or never raising your voice to your kids who only have 15 minutes of screen time each week and never play Minecraft. For me, the ideal is having good communication with my children ....more

My Life In Norway

Many people have asked me what life is like in Norway, such a simple question with a complex and ever-evolving answer. This the first in an occasional series about my adjustment to life in Norway. The First Month When we arrived in Norway, I think it’s fair to say that we were a bit in shock ....more

Wordless Wednesday: I never tire of Norway’s skies

This is a view from the hotel at Storefjell, a popular mountain resort. Just before dinner time in central Norway. Share… Read more .. ....more

‘They Will Have To Kill Us First’ doc shows Malian music can’t be stopped

Music was as essential as air for those living in the west African country of Mali. Then the Islamist militants flooded in and banned music, choking off an integral part of Mali’s culture. Instruments were burned, radio stations were ripped apart and musicians were tortured ....more

MLK Day: A perfect day to examine our “isms” racism, sexism, genderism

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is usually a day where we look back on the life of a vaunted man, one who had dreams of multicultural harmony in the land of the red, white and blue. But looking back, how far has the U.S. really come in its race relations? ...more

Wordless Wednesday: A peaceful Norwegian town

Harestua, Norway ...more

My life in Norway’s winter wonderland

This weekend my part of Norway was socked with snow, and it’s been like walking around in a snow globe. We got nearly a foot of snow in about 24 hours and it was cool to see how the Norwegians took it all in stride. But hey, this is Norway, what’d I expect? ...more

Our holiday season in Norway: Cured meats and fireworks

Happy 2016! We are now on the other side of the holiday season and it kinda feels good to be back in the swing of things. Though it wasn’t our first Christmas in Norway, it’s the first one that we’ve had since moving here ....more