15 Quick and Easy Family Dinners You’ll Love

When the mood strikes me, I’m more than willing to tackle a recipe that’s going to take me a while to make. The end product is usually well worth the effort! But on your average weekday, I really only have the time and patience to throw together a Rachel Ray-style 30-minute meal ....more

How To Clean Your Microfiber Furniture The Safe And Easy Way

A while back, I started receiving so many requests to do a post about how to clean microfiber couches (and other furniture) that I began to feel a little guilty that I hadn’t addressed it! The problem is… I don’t personally own a microfiber couch, and I REALLY prefer to try stuff out before I pass it on to you. But today I’m going to make an exception for two reasons ....more

11 Reasons Why Garlic Is The Most Useful Food In Your Pantry

I’ve always been a big fan of garlic! I’m the kind of person that puts 4 cloves of garlic in a recipe that calls for 2 (much to the chagrin of my family at times.) But I know that not everyone is as enthusiastic about garlic as I am, and I’m hoping that today’s post about all the ways to use garlic will change some minds! Today there are more reasons than ever to embrace flavorful, aromatic garlic, and make it a mainstay in your home and kitchen ....more

How To Use Sunshine To Make Beautiful Wall Art

I’m really excited to share this project with all of you today. My team and I worked together to create these beautiful two-toned fabric “sun prints,” and we all agreed it’s...more

How to Make Flavored Coconut Oil Tablets For A Healthy Mouth

Today’s post piggybacks on a post I did a couple of years ago about “oil pulling.” If you’re not familiar with the practice of oil pulling, I recommend going back and reading that post to get a good introduction to the topic. Read More: Oil Pulling for a Healthier Mouth But basically, the practice of oil pulling involves swishing some sort of oil (commonly coconut oil) around in your mouth for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes at a time, to promote oral health. The general idea is that the oil helps to dissolve the plaque and gunk trapped between your teeth ....more

How To Make Your Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer

A few days ago I noticed that some of my favorite flowers in my garden were in FULL BLOOM (almost PAST full bloom! yikes!) and I hadn’t cut any yet! I quickly cut several blooms and combined them with some grocery store flowers I had also picked up that day ....more

Hydrogen Peroxide Magic 2.0

A few years ago I started compiling a list of ways to use one of my favorite cleaning ingredients, and eventually published that list as a blog post. That post was titled “Hydrogen Peroxide Magic!”, which is fitting because this stuff has so many uses that it does feel like a magic potion! Apparently a lot of you agreed with me, because that post is one of our ALL-TIME most popular! ...more

How To Make Snore Relieving Gel In A Jar

My post about making your own gel air fresheners...more