So Does The Jacket Button?

Back in February, I asked a very important question: “Will I ever be able to button this jacket?” The jacket, a saucy little Theory blazer purchased optimistically in my pre-baby size, was to be my proxy for the wedding gown–which was still being made–as I attempted to drop a few inches and lb’s. In that blog post, I promised I would show you an “after” picture wearing the jacket, which I figured would help motivate me....more

5 Advantages To Putting The Baby Carriage Before Marriage

If you’ve been watching me prepare for our nuptials with...more

Should I Change My Name When I Get Married?

I’m getting married in 5 weeks (!) and I’ve started wondering – should I change my name? Not my last name, silly....more

How Do You Come Back From A Bake Sale #BakeFail?

Do you remember last fall I was so excited to bake for our first preschool bakesale? Then came one of those freakish fall heat waves we have in southern California, and by 5 minutes into the bake sale my chocolate-dipped pretzel rods had melted into a sticky mess....more

Brushing Toddler Teeth: Easier With Aquafresh Training Toothpaste

Even on my laziest parenting days, when I microwave leftovers and skip the bath, I never skimp on teeth brushing....more

Should You Hide Veggies in Your Kids’ Food?

It’s my fault. If I’d just eaten more zucchini during my pregnancy, my daughter might have been a vegetable lover....more

The Day I Became A Mother (A Bed Rest Story)

The lovely Anna at Misadventures in Motherhood asked me to write this guest post as part of series that raises awareness for women’s health org Every Mother Counts....more

How Rob Lowe Made Me Feel Better About Motherhood

I know Mother’s Day should be all hearts, flowers and pedicures, but I have a confession to make – I’ve been having a hard time mothering lately. My three-year-old, true to her developmental task, is testing every limit I have....more

Favorite Motherhood Fails

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m revisiting the times I totally screwed the pooch so you can feel superior–or at least know you’re not alone. I stole this concept from Anna at Misadventures in Motherhood who is very funny and apparently still has original ideas. So here we go… Remember that time I left my daughter alone with surprisingly effective child safe scissors? ...more

How To Diet Without Screwing Up Your Daughter

In the battle of the bulge, my biggest roadblock isn’t carbs, booze or sugar—it’s my three-year-old daughter....more