All for the Boys

I am a wife and mom of 2 boys. I love photography, scrapbooking, DIY projects, and playing and interacting with my kids. I blog crafts, activities, products and ideas to encourage creativity and interaction with my kids and family!

9 More Awesome Ideas for Cardboard

To round off cardboard week here are 9 more ideas for you! Cactus Construction Chalkboard Skyscraper Planes for LEGO minifigs Traffic Light Boomerang Catapult Monster Feet Kaleidoscope Ferris Wheel ...more

Fort Friday!

Happy Fort Friday! Doesn’t this canvas tent from The Merrythought look like the perfect way to start a weekend? Here’s a step by step for this cardboard fort from Make Baby Stuff Love this cardboard castle from And I always love a good tree fort – this one is from Where the Boys Are At All for the Boys we celebrate Fridays with some awesome...more

DIY Cardboard Skate Park

I think my boys like making/constructing things more than actually playing with them....more

Cardboard Flip Car


Coin Trick for Kids

Here’s a simple (but fun) trick for the kids! You only need coin(s), a cup and a piece of cardboard. Place the cardboard on top of the cup ....more

10 Ideas Using Cardboard

It’s cardboard week! One of my favorite supplies since it seems to always be around in some form or another. Here are 9 ideas we’ve done so far using cardboard: Fort (of course) Building with revolving door Balancing toy Shield Sven antlers Stethoscope Snowball roll game Cardboard flyer Warrior helmet Paper snowball launcher ...more

Fort Friday

Happy Fort Friday! This was an inspirational week for finding forts. My favorite has to be this reading fort by Mer Mag on Pottery Barn Kids ....more

LEGO Parties

I think LEGO parties are one of those party themes that will never go out of style. You can make it take on whatever co-theme you want as well (Superhero, Master Builder, City etc). Here are some great LEGO parties you might want to check out if you’re planning one of your own or just want some fun LEGO inspiration ....more


If you’re traveling it can be hard to build large LEGO creations. Pixel art is a fun hands on way to create something while still making it realistic to move and pack away if you’re on the go. Chris McVeigh is one of my favorite LEGO artists! ...more

EXY Trickstartr Stunt Scooter Giveaway!

If you’re anything like us scooter are a regular part of outdoor playtime. And if your kids are anything like mine, they love watching the “big” kids do awesome tricks on theirs. We’ve been trying out the EXY Trickstartr and it has definitely become a favorite in our house ....more