Hallway Bathroom {Before and After}

And two months later ............I bring you the hallway bathroom reveal! This is the kids bathroom and is located in the hallway right next to their bedrooms. This bathroom was full of tile, tile and more tile ....more

Living Room {Before and After}

As many of you know we moved this summer and bought another fixer upper. I will be honest and tell you that this one has been so trying in so many ways. I won't get into all of the details but rest assured that the pretty after pictures you will see in the coming weeks did not go down like a happy and cute episode of hgtv Fixer Upper ....more

Junebug is {walking}

Two Friday's ago {September 19th) our Junebug woke up completely determined to walk on her own. She had made up her mind that even when she fell she was just going to get right up and get back to it. All day long she did this ....more

Our Home {tour}

This past year the Lord has been preparing my heart for something big and something new. All year I have been nervous and excited in anticipation of what that would mean for our family and this last week we found out. Matt got offered his first head coaching position and we couldn't be more excited about it ....more

Junebug {10 months}

Oh my sweet Junebug......you are well into the tenth months and I really and truly cannot believe it. This has been the fastest year of my life. I still view you as this little infant that needs to be carried around all day long but you are quickly changing and needing me less and less ....more

20 Indoor activities for kids

I'm sure I don't stand alone when I say this being stuck inside with little ones is quite the challenge. This fall and winter has made for a record breaking amount of yucky days that has kept us inside and...more

{Snow, Frozen and Sharing Sisters}

This week started off with a canceled school day for Daddy and the anticipation of some snow. We didn't get much at all and the day cleared up after lunch. There were no complaints from us because we were happy to have Daddy home all day ....more

Mexican Chili {recipe}

This recipe is a continuation of this Pinto Bean Recipe.What you will need:4-5 cups of cooked pinto beans from the above recipe1-1.5 pounds of ground beef1 can of Rotel1 small onion1 tsp of minced garlic1/4 cup of taco sauce ( we used Taco Bell HOT sauce purchased at the store). Note this is not salsa but more of a vinegar and tomato based sauce much like tabasco. ...more

Junebug {7 months}

Our Junebug is technically closer to 8 months now than 7 months, so I figure that if I stick with the trend of being behind on her updates it keeps it accurate, right? At 7 months you are:...more

Christmas Recap {2013}

I'm so behind on posting, editing and organizing photos that I'm just now getting to Christmas and got overwhelmed at the thought of editing them in order to post them. That's when I decided I'd rather make sure to document the Christmas season than to wait for the time to edit and then post. We had a full, busy and wonderful Christmas season ....more