Max California

I'm a mama and a wifey and I LOVE it. I love the magic of seeing the world through my  children's eyes, I love taking them on adventures and sharing new experiences with them. I also REALLY enjoy making them awesome clothes. When I'm not adventuring & sewing I am playing xbox or attempting to catch up on my comics!

Tutorial: Triangle Pocket Skirt

For some reason lately I've been angling for triangles? Okay, i totally didn't mean that little pun there but it's staying! I was invited to come up with something for Simple Simon & Co's annual Skirting the Issue which is an amazing initiative for sewing up skirts and donating them to little girls in the community that probably don't get things like this (there's a list of places you can donate to in the link above, and yes there's australian centers too!) So today my offering is this fun little tutorial for an easy skirt with triangle pockets! ...more

Zou Playset!

I actually cannot believe I haven't blogged about this yet? if you know me then obviously you know my blog gf Kat of Sew Chibi - right? If you don't, don't click over just yet because you'll be lost in her magical blog for about 95 years and I have something super amazing to show you first okay? ...more

Mermaid Lil Skater Dress and a Star Wars Patch Vest

A few months ago i went to a friend's surprise baby shower, and normally i just buy things like nappies and boring but useful things - you know? Well this time I decided I wanted to sew something up for the bub instead!...more

T-Shirt Surgery: Safari Raglan

I have recently rediscovered the Safari Raglan in my pattern stash and reignited my love for it. Honestly it's such a great basic raglan sleeve pattern to have in your arsenal, and i reach for it more than any other when i'm whipping up a shirt or a dress for eddie. the best part is that it's helping me make a dent in my stash of shirts that i've been hoarding for far too long for t-shirt surgeries ....more

Thread Faction #115 and #116: A cardigan and a beret

Hey friends! I did some super bamf boy sewing for the next episode of One Thimble (issue 15!) and somehow my tastes gravitated toward two super cute patterns that is included in this issue - both happen to be Thread Faction patterns! #116 is a really gorgeous cardigan with a deep v at the front, and #115 is a BERET ....more

Amuse Boho Dress (x2) & I have a baby bump!

Surprise, I'm pregnant? I totally didn't really make a big announcement anywhere that I finally fell pregnant with our third little babe so this will be it for this here blog, okay? Nope, don't know the gender, Yep, i'm going for a VBAC after two c sections and yeh there's only like 2.5 months left and I don't really have any decent special maternity photos.Whoops! ...more

Tutorial: Party in the Back ruffle dress

You know how sometimes you have this idea in your head and when you sew it up, well it didn't turn out anything like you thought it would? That happened to me too, but then I got eddie to try her new dress and... it actually looks really good??? ...more

Pattern Review: Rouche and Division Top

I really love all of Lil Luxe Collection patterns, i'm not just saying that for any reason than its how I feel and I really want you to love them too! All Jess' patterns are super trendy and stylish, even the ones I thought were sort of basic turn out total favourites of mine! I feel like most of the time when I'm sewing for Eddie it's a LLC pattern, honestly ....more

My Boy Sewing!

Vin, being my first child ever, was the only one I sewed for until his little sister came along. Boy Sewing wasn't anything difficult for me, it was just all I knew! I love sewing Eddie pretty dresses but my heart is always with boy fashion and sewing trendy, unique and FUN clothing for my man! ...more

Pattern Hack: Nevermore Ravens Geranium Two Piece

Morning friends! I stitched up this super cute little two piece outfit for Eddie last night - inspired by Rae's little 'Love My Geranium' competition she has going on Instagram right now! I've sewn a few Geraniums before, I know I have, but i have not much photographic evidence? ...more