Max California

I'm a mama and a wifey and I LOVE it. I love the magic of seeing the world through my  children's eyes, I love taking them on adventures and sharing new experiences with them. I also REALLY enjoy making them awesome clothes. When I'm not adventuring & sewing I am playing xbox or attempting to catch up on my comics!

Thread Faction #110 - The Cutest & Easiest Romper this year!

(this post contains affiliate links!) There's some really cute rompers out there to sew up these days, which is awesome but this year my absolute favourite has to be #110 from Thread Faction! ...more

May the Fourth be with You - A Little Rey of Sunshine

There's no doubt who Eddie's hero is at the moment. She loves Rey, which makes me so stoked because as far as rolemodels go, Rey is a pretty epic one! If you're not a Star Wars fan (what..?) then let me shed some light on what's going on here! ...more

South American Adaline Dress

This pattern I reviewed over on Pattern Revolution, you can read my concise review over there! I sewed up the Adaline Dress by Bella Sunshine Designs in some more of that great fabric I used for the Sew n Style mini collection. ...more

Black & Gold Clara Top and Shorts

I one thousand percent love sewing things up in black. It's my favourite colour, and Vin likes it too but Eddie? Hell naw ....more

Kangaroo Wild Things Coat

Little Miss Edison wasn't the only one lucky enough to get a Wild Things Coat, although the pink plaid unicorn is definitely a really epic sew! Vincent chose a kangaroo, which made me like ??? How the heck do I do a kangaroo! ...more

Bella Maxi Dress

The cool thing about sewing for Pattern Revolution is finding patterns I wouldn't normally ever thing I would sew up, and then completely falling in love. I mean, there's loads of cool things about PR including little sneak peeks at upcoming pattern releases, but probably the main thing is the community. I love my PR girls and their talent! ...more

Boys Can Wear Pink 2.0

It's back again this year, and I'm super pumped to be on board for the second time! Boys Can Wear Pink is an amazing sewing initiative and something I truly believe in. It's breaking gender stereotypes when it comes to the things our kids like to wear, specifically the age old "pink is a girl's colour" ....more

Big Little Wild Things Unicorn Coat

Every once in a while comes a pattern that's so crazy unique and different that it blows people's minds. ladies & gentlemen, I'd like to introduce to you the first such pattern to blow my (and your) mind this year! The Wild Things Coat is the newest pattern by Big Little, a new-to-me pattern company that I've fallen head over heels with ....more

Proof that I still sew for Vinnie

it's hard, I mean I LOVE sewing for my little man, but now he is six you know, he has his own flavours over everything and most of the things I sew for him these days he's just not into, or he wants me to sew him something like stormtrooper armour...Anyway, I've promised myself in the new year to try and come up with stuff that we both love and that he will enjoy wearing. I've given the majority of his mama-made threads away to little boys that we know in our community here, but it kinda sucks a whole lot because he hasn't worn them! Also lets not forget the fact that with girl's wardrobes they have the options of skirts and dresses too so...The boy is just obsessed with leggings, and skinny jeans, and if you live where i live that's just out of the question for summer ....more

How to make a Supergirl dress from a T-shirt

hello friends! the sewjo has been severely lacking over here, but it wasn't until I went away on a much deserved beach vacation that i realised how useful it is to have all my fabric and sewing machines within reach! So when i returned I cranked out a few things, this request by Eddie being one of them! ...more