The Creek Line House

I blog about DIY projects, renovations, crafts and easy-peasy farmhouse decorating. My family left our little townhouse in the city to buy a 100 year old serious fixer upper on an acreage in the country. My blog is the story of that adventure. 

How to paint old wall paneling

You know that weird old wall paneling, the stuff that everyone used to have in their basements back in the 70′s? Well, I’ve got a bit of that in my house. And by a bit, I mean it’s pretty much everywhere ....more

10 Fall Leaf Crafts (Inspiration Fridays)

1) Fall colors alphabet – Combine your two favorite Fall traditions – Fall crafting and back to school – with this fun idea. Sophisticated crafting for Mom and Dad that creates a great learning atmosphere for the kids. 2) Leafy Storage Bins – I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of dressing up storage bins ....more

How to quit your job in the city, move to the country, and live THE LIFE!

My friends, it may not always feel like it but I’m definitely livin’ the dream. My own dream and one that a lot of other people have too. About three and half years ago we managed to leave our stressful, under-payed, over-worked, over-charged life in the city and buy a big house on a big property ....more

How to paint absolutely perfect wall stripes!

I’ve always loved the look of wall stripes, but I’ve been reluctant to actually go through the effort of measuring and taping things off because I was honestly a little intimidated. I mean, after putting in all of that work, the end product had better be pretty amazing, right? And perfect ....more

19 Easy Cleaning Tricks

If your kids went back to school yesterday like ours did, then you’re probably itching to start getting your house back in order after a long Summer of messes and memories. I mostly worked out in the garden yesterday and worked on a bit of painting in Kennedy’s room, but today I’m definitely in cleaning mode! If you’re in that kind of mood too, then I’ve got just the thing! ...more

How to paint your ceiling without losing your mind! Easy ceiling painting tips!

A lot of the time when people tackle the job of painting a room, they just do the main part of the wall and leave everything else as-is. Sometimes they’ll do the trim too if it’s looking really grubby, but a lot of us leave the ceilings off the of to-do list until they’re looking really shabby. Like this ....more

2 Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies

Just a little bit of kitchen magic for you here today! You take two seemingly boring and ho-hum ingredients and…voila! Cookies! ...more

Back-to-School with dudley, #OOTD, and a plea for help from a back-to-school-outfit-challenged mom.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of...more

How to make easy tissue paper pompoms

Excuse me if I’m like a chihuahua on catnip with this post. I’m just really excited about these tissue paper pompoms. Actually, not just these ones, but really all tissue paper pompoms in general ....more

How to get a colour expert to help you choose your paint colours for free!

We all want the same things, really, don’t we? A happy family, health for our loved ones, and a paint color on our walls that we love. None of those things are necessarily easy to achieve, but armed with a little luck and a bit of knowledge, we can definitely make a big difference in those areas of our lives ....more