First World Problems II

Getting stuck behind kids at Sweet Frog Ice in ice trays Wasting a good outfit and/or hair day on a subpar event/person When your IG feed won’t refresh and you’re stuck with photos you’ve already seen The barista forgetting to put the flavored syrup in your coffee...more


Too often, I think we get caught up in our “failures” or our “shortcomings.” I use quotes around those two words because we’re the only ones that can define either of those things for ourselves, right? Anyway, this is me just checking in and reminding you to go bust open some doors today like the total badass that you are ....more

Video: What’s in My Make Up Bag

Here the link to the...more

Video Review: CK Mondavi Wine

When I ...more

Slightly Neurotic (but what else is new?)

As many of you know, I am slightly neurotic. I am the epitome of the first born child: regimented, scheduled, a planner, a psychotic bitch who wants everyone to HAVE A GOOD TIME but normally ruins it by WANTING EVERYONE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. Do you know what I mean? ...more

Lazy Vacationer

I am a lazy vacationer....more


Maybe it’s the 20-something in me, but does anyone else feel like they’re behind the eight ball of Life sometimes? Christ, every time I get on Facebook or Instagram or read a blog it’s as if everyone is writing a book, becoming famous, starting their own business or having their third child while simultaneously wearing size 4 jeans and holding a VP title at a Fortune 500 company. And I’m like, I…have a job? ...more

TV Eater

I’m a TV eater. Wait. No ....more

What I’m Loving Lately(ish)

Yoga (and Yogasmoga)...more