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Korean Street Toast

Korean street toast is a new{ish} phenomenon. ...more

Superfood Dog Treats

We recently celebrated our “Nala-versary” on the 4th of July. ...more

Fast & Easy Summer Pasta

Fast and easy pastas like this one is valued in my arsenal for when I need to quickly hammer out an all-in-one meal that takes no more than 20 minutes to make from prep to finish, will feed many, travel well and isn’t finicky about what temperature it’s served at since it’s tasty hot, [...] ...more

Korean Stuffed Cheese Pancake – Hotteok 호떡

Korean stuffed pancakes are a very popular street food. ...more

Easy Healthy Meal Prep

I typically meal prep over the weekend and in one fell swoop I can hammer out most of my meals for the week, saving time and money, not to mention I can put forth less dish washing effort. ...more

Rainbow Mochi Cake

Today I’m sharing these soft, tender and springy rice cakes that come together with 4 different natural, food based colors to create a rainbow mochi. ...more

June 2017 Favorites

Here is Ms. Nala wearing her Amber Crown raw Baltic amber collar. ...more

Thin and Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies, a completely normal topic of conversation for me and my friends. Out of curiosity, I asked several of my friends, family and colleagues what kind of chocolate chip cookies they preferred and the results were very contrasting. ...more

Japanese Matcha Cheesecake

My Japanese cotton soft cheesecake has an encore today with these fluffy matcha cheesecakes. ...more

Butter Mochi Cake

I first had the joy of sinking my teeth into butter mochi several years ago in Hawaii. ...more