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I am a a former shoe buyer and current shoe lover and personal style blogger. I'm also a lover of food, fashion, traveling and most things digital. 

sweater joggers

I don't know what I love more — my sweater jacket from Zara, or my sweater joggers from Gap. I wear the jacket a few times a week because it makes everything a bit more chic. You will see how I dressed it up in a future post.And, the joggers are soft like cashmere, for a fraction of the price ....more


When you want to dress for the occasion, but not be so obvious go with stripes in black & white. Happy Memorial Day! ...more

limited scandal cape

Don't let the sunglasses fool you. It's cold! And it's been cold for weeks now ....more

Forever 21 Kimono

Last month I headed back to Scottsdale for my semi-annual (hopefully no semi—just annual) girl’s weekend/#spacation. Aside from the laid back, pure relaxation component of this trip, one of my favorite things about going to Scottsdale is that there is very little planning involved. We can just show up, and we already know where to eat, where to spa & what to do because if it ain’t broke… This year we did try one new restaurant for breakfast that I highly recommend (DAILY DOSE), found a dinner spot we’ll try next year (SUMO MAYA), stumbled upon the cutest vintage boutique (FASHION BY ROBERT BLACK) & stayed at the vibrant instaready...more

dolce vita tessah

I had the pleasure of teaming up and shooting with Brittany of...more

nine west thorie pumps

S I X years ago to the day this blog came to life. Can you believe that? It's hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that my first post was in 2009...crazy-bananas!Back then,...more


Whether you're a skinny minnie, a BBW or somewhere in between we all have issues getting our clothes to fit just the way we want them to. Well ladies, I have the perfect solution for you. eShakti! ...more


Guess who's a #RBItGirl for...more

navy jumpsuit

Happy Easter (Monday)! I had my pink dress out and ready to go for church yesterday, but when I woke up it was cloudy, windy & cold, so I opted for a jumpsuit instead. And let me tell you, I love this jumpsuit ....more

california style

When I first moved back to California, I would complain on the blog about people being boring here in terms of style, but on some level I've grown to appreciate it. I mean after all "I Am Simply Chic" and I think on some level that's synonymous with California style. I love denim ....more