A New Friend

After we lost sweet Bill, the plan was to do nothing for a while. Just let the dust settle, as it were. Junior changed that plan when he began dragging his yo-yo around by its “leash” and calling it his puppy ....more

A Memory Came Today

“There may be a package for you in the mail today.” Pretty powerful words, right?...more

You Want to Talk About Easy?

Not referring to myself. You know what I am exceptionally good at? Exceptionally easy crafts ....more

Hard Fails

Let’s get the first thing out of the way. Do you guys read Rachel’s blog,...more

Happy Birthday

You have your daddy’s eyes, your mommy’s smile; And...more

Junior’s Room

The other night I was in the kitchen, minding my own business when little Junior comes running in with a handful of those gross yogurt treat things and tells me, “You need to come wrestle me!” Me: “Um, okie dokie” ~Goes into living room and tries to wrestle him Jr.: “No!...more

Master Bathroom Cabinets: A Saga

We bought a house with honey oak woodwork....more

D’s Pork Ribs

My dad has this really mean habit of sending us pictures of all the delicious noms my mom makes for...more

I’ve Got Wood.

Have you ever had some extra slices of log laying around? No? What about, have you ever been gazing out your bedroom window and think, “Imma chop that tree down in a Seasonal Affective Disorder induced rage”? ...more


I think my cousin said it best, here. The mullygrubs, man....more