Going in circles

Good morning!As usual, I'm super busy but never too busy for nail art! ...more

Black Coffee Blues

Good afternoon!I recently go the Pueen Love Elements stamping plate set and I have been going nail art crazy!I've been so inspired, that I keep coming up with all kinds of ideas. So yay! ...more

Aqua Dream

Good afternoon!Today I have another of the brilliant yet bad smelling Kleancolor Metallics. These are hands down the best metallic polishes I have ever used. ...more

Nice day for a wedding

Good morning!I was away for awhile due to a very busy week. My nephew got married on Saturday and the week was full of activities. My brother came from Texas for the wedding so we had a belated birthday party for him, an early birthday celebration for the groom and we squeezed in a concert at the fair to see my sister's favorite band, Tesla ....more

"Owlin' Around

Good afternoon!I really enjoyed Finger Paints Poolside Paradise Collection so the last time I trolled through Sally, I picked up what was most interesting to me. I was inspired to also use a Finger Paints glitter I picked up last year but never swatched. Problems solved ....more

"Ablaze" in the Northern Sky

Good day!Today I have another beauty from the Orly Baked Collection. I bought a mini set at Sally and gave my sister Hot Tropics and Saturated out of it since I have the full size bottles. I didn't know how I was going to love Ablaze so buying the mini seemed like a good idea.. ....more


Good day!I wanted to give you a break from my Mexican haul to share an Essence polish. Dear Bob, I love Essence. So cheap, so awesome, you can't go wrong ....more


Good day!Really quickly showing my Fourth of July mani. And quicker yet breakdown. Ready? ...more

Gold Line

Good day!I'm doing my darnedest to get my Mexico haul swatched and posted.One of my regular visits is to La Isla Shopping center because they have a store that's pretty similar to Claire's called Kloom. Well three years since my last visit, Kloom closed and was now replaced with Chula. Honestly, wasn't much of a difference except the absence of Luchador stuff and a heavy emphasis on sandals ....more

Olé Lady Olé

Good afternoon!I have another purchase from Mexico. I have featured Lady Olé before after the last time I went to Mexico. You can check that out HERE ....more