By Far, The BEST Way to Make Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon toast is pretty hard to screw up. I mean it’s just a combination of cinnamon, sugar and butter on bread. Not much skill to it, right? ...more

I Spy…

Rachel and Polly in the magazine stands! Yep. You can find yours truly popping out behind magazine stands and in the checkout isles at your store–well at least, some of your stores ....more

Shout Out to the Newbie Bloggers: Round 1

One of our growing passions about blogging as a part-time job...more

Does Having a Loving Family Give a Child an Unfair Advantage?

Guest post by Keith Simon, our friend and pastor at The Crossing, as well as, father of four children. This post was originally posted at Every Square Inch. Inequality is in the news ....more

The Best Everyday Smoothie

Here it is. Many, many friends have asked me for my husband’s secret smoothie recipe over the years. And today is the day we’ve all a few of us have been waiting for… “Hey Nathan, can you get up and make your smoothie?” My husband peered at me through one open eye ....more

Favorite Summer Things Giveaway ($300+ Value!)

We are celebrating all things summer by giving away a TON of goodies. We’ve rounded up some of our hand-picked favorite summer goodies and are going to give them all to one very lucky winner. That’s not the best part, though ....more

Make This Summer with Your Kids Count (2015 Edition)

Ah, summer. For many of us, the word is synonymous with any number of good things: long, sun-drenched days, vacations, going to the pool, the smell of freshly cut grass, baseball, etc. But the summer months also offer a great chance for parents to help their kids grow and develop in an intentional way ....more

Why I Ditched My External Hard Drive and Use an Online Backup

Why I Ditched My External Hard Drive A few years ago, I was backing up my computer using an external hard drive (like the one in the picture to the left). I did this on a regular basis on the offset chance that my computer would crash and lose all of my pictures, music and documents. Being a blogger and a mom, the idea of losing all of my pictures makes me almost cry or have a panic attack ....more

Slow Cooker Whole Chicken and Veggies

Between baseball games, multiple school drop offs and pick ups, working two part-time jobs, and pretending to keep up with laundry…I am ALL ABOUT my slow cooker these days. For sure the best meals we have at this life stage tend to be ones that require opening the slow cooker lid (and maybe adding a quick veggie, fruit, and maybe some sort of quick starch to the table) at 5 p.m. That’s because I can enjoy my family during the dinner prep hour instead of getting frustrated at interruptions. One of my family’s favorite meals over the years is this older Roasted Chicken with Veggies recipe ....more

DIY, All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

I’m not a germaphobe. Just today my 3 year old proudly brought a huge earth worm in the house that she dug out of the ground herself (yes, I know, so many questions). When I saw the thing dangling for its dear life in her slimy, dirt caked hands, I quickly scooted her back out the door instructing her to put the worm back in the dirt and to wipe her hands off on the grass ....more