Thriving Home

Our goal is to encourage moms to thrive in every area of home life. As moms and friends we try to keep it real when it comes to running a house, cooking healthy meals, raising little people, and growing in our faith. Join us on this glorious, yet oh-so-messy journey of motherhood!

Reader Poll: Meatballs or Poop Balls?

While we are in the spirit of poking fun at some of our bad pictures on Thriving Home (see Pancake Poll Results if you don’t know what I’m talking about), we thought we’d take another poll. I briefly mentioned in the Poll Results post that Rachel had once told me a picture of my meatballs looked like “poop balls.” Oh, how you all loved that. Weirdos ....more

Pancake Picture Poll Results

OK, OK, you’ve made your point! The poll results are in on which pancake picture was better. Picture One: Or Picture Two: Turns out you like the first pumpkin pancake picture by a loooong shot ....more

Apple Butter Weekend 2014

“It’s Apple butter Weekend.” Anyone who has known me for a while knows what I mean by this. For over 80 years my family has been gathering in October to make homemade apple butter. LOTS of homemade apple butter ....more

Reader Poll: Pumpkin Pancake Picture Problems

Guys. The pancakes have come between us. Between Rachel and me that is ....more

Make-Ahead Lunch Wraps (and How Blogging Really Works Around My House)

It’s a curious thing how my blogging works most weeks. I find myself “writing” elaborate, detailed posts about a parenting issue or a book I’m reading or even a theological issue from time to time in my head A LOT. Sometimes I even start jotting notes down throughout the day ....more

DIY Burlap Wreath

Oh, hey there pretty burlap wreath on my front door. So glad you could join the fall festivities happening in my home. Also so glad your neutral color and versatility will keep you hanging on my door all year long ....more

Real Menu Plan: October 12-18

Dinner Sunday: Roasted Chicken & Vegetables Monday: Baked Dijon Salmon, Crispy Parmesan Potatoes, green salad with Balsamic Parmesan Dressing Tuesday: A Better Mac & Cheese, steamed broccoli (or Roasted Broccoli) Wednesday: leftovers/clean out fridge or freezer Thursday: BFD*: omelets, whole wheat toast, grapes Friday: Chicken Noodle Soup (with Homemade Whole Wheat Egg Noodles) Saturday: Make Your Own Pizza Night *Breakfast for dinner Free Printable Menu Planner Here’s an easy way to get started on saving money and eating healthier–download our free printable menu planner! ...more

Wall Collage on a Dime

I’ve been eyeing out wall collage ideas for quite some time now. We have a big wall in our living room what would be perfect for one that was previously being occupied by this: While I like the color that it brought into the room, the Hobby Lobby picture that I got for 60% off just wasn’t doing it for me. I wanted our wall collage to represent our family well ....more

Seeds Family Worship’s New Release (+ Giveaway of ALL 8 Seeds CDs!)

Friends, it hard for me to express in words how much Seeds Family Worship means to me, my family, and my church. Their music has helped our family and our church experience God’s Word and worship Him for years through their well-crafted, creative, passionate, and encouraging songs. And, since the lyrics are taken directly from the Bible, many of the verses my kids and I have memorized are from Seeds songs ....more

Real Food Menu: October 5-11

Dinner Sunday: Eat on the road (getting home from trip) Monday: Meatball Subs (double the meatballs recipe) Tuesday: Spaghetti with Marinara and Meatballs Wednesday: BFD*: Whole Wheat Pumpkin French Toast Thursday:...more