Mini Raw Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

The following recipe is for a raw vegan cheesecake that is separated into smaller, bite-sized mini ones. All it takes are a few ingredients and a bit of foresight (to soak the cashews), and in a few minutes, you can whip up these sophisticated mini cheesecakes that make for the perfect portion size. Enjoy! ...more

Fried Tomato Veggie Omelette

I’m more of a sweet breakfast type of person, but there is something very comforting in a savory, warm morning dish. This tomato veggie omelette dish is perfect for late breakfast or brunch and has all the elements to keep you energized for the day. It’s packed with tons of veggies and herbs, so you [...] The post Fried Tomato Veggie Omelette appeared first on Glow Kitchen ....more

Protein and Fiber-Rich Veggie Bean Soup

I'm a love of soup in the winter, because it's a light way to warm me up without weighing me down. It's comfort in a bowl and usually incredibly easy to put together. This recipe is no stranger in my kitchen - it's a simple combination of all my favorite vegetables as well as red kidney beans, which boost the soup's overall fiber and protein content ....more

Easy Vegan Sweet Potato Burger Recipe

Sweet potatoes are hard to hate, especially when they go with just about every meal and every flavor. I can enjoy sweet potatoes in my morning green juice, in my oatmeal, as fries next to my lunch or in between two buns as a burger. This recipe for an easy vegan sweet potato burger is just another testament to sweet potato's versatility in the kitchen ....more

Vegan Burger Recipe with a Green Juice Pulp Base

I make a green juice every day and I often find myself tossing the pulp. However, I've started to become self-conscious about how wasteful doing so is. Therefore, I've been trying to explore delicious ways to re-use the pulp ....more

100% Raw Veggie Burrito Recipe

Every once in awhile, when I'm trying to clean up after a holiday binge fest (ahem, Thanksgiving), I look no further than raw vegetables. I try to keep it simple, colorful and, of course, uncooked. By not cooking the veggies, I retain their nutritional integrity and am able to enjoy a texture-filled meal full of roughage ....more

Mini Red Lentil Patties with Dill, Parsley and Mint

This dish is a cold appetizer that I love to have around the house for when I'm feeling the need for something filling, full of protein, but light on the gut. These lentil patties are served cold and full of flavor from dill, parsley, and mint. Packed with protein and fiber, the lentil patties manage to stay fat-free - no oil or butter added ....more

Kitchen Sink Baked Vegetables

Most of my meals either star or feature a bounty of vegetables. So, come the end of the week, I’m left with a few odd carrots, onions and peppers rounding their last leg. What to do with an incomplete stock? ...more

Vegan Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

I come from a family that loves to stuff vegetables, from grape leaves to zucchini to eggplant to peppers. Often, these recipes call for white rice, but I like to change it up a bit and up the ante on fiber and protein with high-quality grains or seeds, like millet, brown rice or quinoa. This recipe for Quinoa Stuffed Peppers is warm, comforting and full of unique flavors ....more

Coconut Milk Salmon Recipe

Coconut milk and fish are a match made in heaven, but it is often mostly reserved for white fish. However, coconut milk also pairs well with salmon, a hearty, meatier fish. Together, the coconut milk and salmon make for a healthy-fat machine! ...more