Christmas Brownie Pies

I sometimes find it hard to believe that I have been living here in Seattle for over 2 years! I think I have assimilated well. I probably speak more like an American-when I go to the grocery store, I say cart instead of trolley for one! ...more

Christmas Gifts

We are just over two weeks away from Christmas day, and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. I have put together a few items that would be perfect for the cook in your life. Some of the items, I currently own and love, and others are ones that I really want! ...more

Banana Bread (Cake)

Banana bread seems like it should be healthy – it sounds healthy. But the thing is...more

Veggies with Maple, Caper Dressing

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday and food is such a central part to the day – turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and pecan pie. I bet you are drooling now, just at the thought of it. American Thanksgiving is a gloriously colorful affair, and some people insist that you must have something orange, something green and snappy, and of course that ruby red cranberry sauce ....more

Chocolate Orange Souffle

These gooey chocolate and orange...more

Sweet Baby Yorkshire Puddings

We were eating Sunday lunch, and enjoying some roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, when the...more

Fig and Fennel Frangipane Tarts

It all started with a chocolate bar produced by a Seattle based company called Theo. The bar was flavored with fig, fennel, almond, and dark chocolate. I was waiting in line for my latte when I saw it ....more

Halloween Barmbrack


Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pies

Right now in America, it feels like everything is pumpkin spiced this October. You can now buy everything from coffee, cookies, crisps, hummus (why), yogurt, even chewing gum that is flavored with that familiar fall spice. It seems like adding the term ‘pumpkin spice’ has some magical sales enhancing factor for food companies ....more

Spiced Apple Crumbles

The first of October and there is a noticeable chill in the air. I love the change in season – ...more