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10 on the 10th: Focusing on Focus

Sadly, I’ve always been a better lesson learner...more

In praise of downtime

A little after noon last Friday, I unplugged from technology (phone and PC) for the long holiday weekend. What bliss! A refreshing and renewing interlude that would have been impossible in my first act of life where 24×7 connectivity and within-minutes response was expected ....more

Where do you stand on accountability?

While doing some leadership research, I ran across this observation in an article I was reading:...more

Are engaged people productive people?

“That’s lovely, but in the end, it’s all about economics and the bottom line,” said the CEO of the $10M company. We’d been discussing the creative and sometimes dueling tensions of being a leader. My point had been that—over time—a leader has to assure equilibrium between task completion and relationship building ....more

The Power of Purposeful Discomfort™

For some, there’s a certain lure to consistency and continuity, knowing...more

5 myths about kindness to retire

I’m on a mission to rehabilitate the connotations of several words—and...more

How to Recognize Danger in the Workplace

Today’s guest contributor is Mohinder Goomar, a former doctor and personality disorder sufferer. After experiencing mood swings and a distortion of judgment, Mohinder was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID) and lost his medical license during his two-year period of rehabilitation. Sadly, because of his DID experience, his medical license was not reinstated ....more

17 on the 17th: Quotes about Intention

Because of a unanticipated turn of financial fate, my friend has been forced to abandon her dream path and return to a full-time job. Yesterday she asked me to help her...more

Career and relationship: no need to choose

A small group of professional women were sharing life stories at a local networking event. One woman’s...more