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5 tips for keeping workplace conflict from becoming messy

Conflict is a given in most organizations. In families and relationships, too. We...more

Fiscal Fairy Tales

Today’s post, “Fiscal Fairy Tales,”...more

Ready for a serving of fabulocity?

Like a spreading case of the measles, the eight women seated together at the conference...more

Got some self-awareness?

A recruiter friend shared an instructive...more

4 Rules for Hiring the Best Employees

Today’s guest contributor is Ed Basler, longtime entrepreneur, CEO of E.J. Basler Co. (provider of precision-machined parts), motivational speaker, author, and president of Fresh Eyes Coaching, a firm helping small businesses in identifying profit opportunities and obstacles. Ed and his wife, Cathi, founded and ran a nonprofit youth organization for 15 years ....more

10 Strategic Career Actions for Women

Some things merit a “revisit” and Allard de Jong’s counsel for women in his earlier LeadBIG post is one of them. Allard describes himself as a coach, trainer and “buffoon” professional. He warns prospective clients that they are about to “enter into a relationship that favors the challenge and loving confrontation.” Here are his ten .. ....more

Will you join in to change a stereotype?

I was raised to be kind. Kindness is...more

7 times when saying “I” is a good thing

It was...more

How to lead up, down, across, and diagonally

Sammy worked hard to be a good leader to the nine people in his department. He was diligent in providing coaching, recognition, and advice. His door was always open to his team ....more

5 things leaders wanting to be powerful gotta do

Getting your leadership practices just right is like, for those who have been to Maui, traveling the road to Hana. It’s not a singular destination. Rather, it’s a journey where the mix of managing from the head and leading from the heart is always in active play ....more