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Dancing with purposeful discomfort

We joined the conversation just as Matt was defending the right to be quirky and go against the mainstream. He was calm, gracious, and articulate—speaking his mind without being in anyone’s face, urging respect for different values and opinions. His message of tolerance went unheeded ....more

3 Ways for Boomers to Stay in the Game

Today’s guest contributor is Steve Kayser, an award-winning writer, editor, publisher, former radio host, founder of Kayser Media, and author of The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heard....more

If a humblebrag isn’t the answer, what is?

Many individuals, especially women, struggle with achieving equilibrium between confidence and humility—another one of those life, love, and leadership challenges of getting it just right by avoiding too much or too little of the extremes. A bit like Goldilocks… Self-promotion advice I recently read in a leadership enewletter post zoomed right past confidence and into ... The post If a humblebrag isn’t the answer, what is? ...more

11 on the 11th: Musing on weakness

Some recent events and conversations have spurred a newfound interest in looking at how we approach our personal weaknesses. They...more

6 Tips for Managing Business and Family

Today’s guest contributor is Renae Christine, business owner, journalist, Mompreneur,author and speaker. Being young and inexperienced can be intimidating for stay-at-home entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean you’re making mistakes. Fresh out of college at 23, I thought I’d done something wrong when the wholesaler for my stationery company assigned me a personal representative ....more

A legacy of noodles isn’t enough

As family conversations sometimes go, out of the blue someone mentioned Aunt Dolly’s noodles. You could tell by the lull in the conversation and the smiles on faces that people were remembering how soul-satisfyingly delicious her noodles were. I’ll never forget the eulogy delivered by the pastor at her funeral ....more

First Friday Favs 8.1.14

My summer has been a bit wonky with an unexpected twist of fate or two, so it feels really good to be back at it and have some first Friday favorite leadership and personal development reading to share. Enjoy and share! A call to (put down) arms | Samir Mehta | CCL’s Leading Effectively Samir’s .. ....more

8 Tips for Women Who Want to Start a Business from Scratch

Today’s guest contributor is Danielle Tate, CEO of MissNowMrs.com. ...more

10 on the 10th: Focusing on Focus

Sadly, I’ve always been a better lesson learner...more

In praise of downtime

A little after noon last Friday, I unplugged from technology (phone and PC) for the long holiday weekend. What bliss! A refreshing and renewing interlude that would have been impossible in my first act of life where 24×7 connectivity and within-minutes response was expected ....more