Renegade Piglets and Other Such Tales

Taylor during the school year: ...more

School Nights in May

This is what happens when your people won’t let you eat kill any more chickens. You are forced to look wistfully at them, longing for better days.Notice how I said “more.” Mmmm-hmmm. Notice how I said “more.” Mmmm-hmmm ....more


Because I am the world’s most fun teacher, I decided to incubate eggs once again in the classroom. ...more

The Spring Break Post

The weekly conversation: David to kids: ...more

Beauty Model

Our kids are growing up. ...more

The Knee Manipulation Procedure

In the never-ending knee saga that is now my life, I did end up having to have the knee Manipulation Under Anesthesia procedure done a few days ago. This picture cracks me up. ...more

The Saturday Afternoon Update

I started back to work this week just in time to start parent-teacher conferences. ...more

The Recovery

I am being spoiled. ...more

The Shower

Today, I took a shower. It was a major event...more