2015 Goals

I have spent the last year apologizing...more

The Adventures of New Puppy Mom

I feel like the Summer has already decided to leave. It was incredibly wet and short for us Canadians (well Winnipeg folks). I am not greeted by sunshine in the morning, the grass is wet, random leaves are already on the ground, etc. ....more

Skinny Lemonade

It’s super ironic that I have decided to write this delicious post on a Monday after the WORST rain storm we’ve seen in several years….of course its the first year we’re in our new house…*sigh* I have been quite quiet lately on the blog, I know I have said that a lot. I have been personally going through a lot of anxiety and stress. And trying to find the most natural way to cope with these issues ....more

Vancouver Bound & a WINNER!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!! It’s Sunny here, but I feel like it is about to rain…which makes sense because bright and early tomorrow morning the Hubby and I are off to Vancouver for the week ....more

I’ve been cooking pasta wrong ….who knew?

Well, I suppose any Chef with formal training could have told me. Or anyone who follows instructions on the box. But seriously, for years I’ve taken whatever pot that was clean(often the middle size pot), filled it with water and let it boil ....more

DietBet – Bet on yourself!

Hey everyone! I know some of you might still be seeing that beautiful white snow outside and may feel like it will be here FOREVER. But I promise(I hope) that Summer WILL come and along with Summer brings bathing suits, shorts, dresses etc ....more

Healthy Tuna Salad – Great for Lunch

So its Monday and for most of us, we’re back at work! One thing I personally search for the most on the internet is simple, healthy, YUMMY lunches. I know my mayo-free egg salad sandwich has been a HUGE hit for so many of you, so why not take another popular lunch item, turn it into something……AWESOME ....more

Happy International Women’s Day

Just wanted to stop in on this beautiful sunny day to say Happy International Women’s Day! Now pass this on to some special women in your life Maybe celebrate with a glass of wine Cheers! ...more

Living Room Progression

TGIF! Yep, I couldn’t agree more Today we saw SUNLIGHT. I know, may not sound like a big deal to you lucky people in the South…but it has been a very crummy, grey skied, cold winter for us ....more

What I Have Been Reading

I thought I would share something that is a large part of my life, reading. When I am not in the kitchen, I am usually reading on my Kindle. I have always read a lot, but since getting my Kindle as a Christmas gift a couple years ago, it has increased tenfold! ...more