Avinash and Nandini

I am a thirty-something professional turned stay at home mom.  I love spending time with my kids, but I still crave me time.  We go out and explore our new city, Austin, together and do lots of craft projects together.  I also love to scrapbook, DIY and cook in all my spare time.  It's not a lot, but I have try to have fun with it. 


Cocoa Daisy Layout Process Video and May Kit South Beach Projects

Lets Go | I am loving these dreamy colors and get such a California vibe from them. ...more

Austin Capitol | Buddha's Birthday Celebration

We had the amazing opportunity this weekend to participate in the annual Buddha's birthday celebration at the State Capitol Building. There was such a beautiful mixture of different cultures all coming together. ...more

Friday & Saturday | Week in the Life 2017

I drove the kids to school because Lakshman wanted Ryan to feed him breakfast. ...more

Thursday | Week in the Life 2017

7:34 | He is up and ready so he is begging for me to let him watch TV. ...more

Wednesday | Week in the Life 2017

Wednesday was so different from Tuesday. ...more

Week in the Life | Monday Photos+Words 2017

7:37 My last day being 35. ...more

Capitol Easter Egg Hunt and Cascarones

The Austin Capitol Easter Egg Hunt is a favorite annual tradition for our family. ...more

The most incredible wildflowers you will ever see | Tips for Visiting the California Wildflowers Superbloom

Visiting the California wildflowers right now is a once in a lifetime experience. ...more

Holi Festival | A two-page scrapbook layout + full photo page

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