Attempts At Domestication

I'm a newlywed housewife from Richmond, VA. My husband and I met as kids and dated all through college before getting married in April 2011. We love traveling, watching movies, hanging out with our friends, cooking and Star Wars.

Weekend Recap and Happy Passover

Shalom and happy Passover everyone! Jesse and I are busy preparing for Passover dinner today, there’s a 9 lb. leg of lamb in the fridge and flat breads to be made, but I wanted to stop in and fill you all in on our fun weekend ....more

Adding Art Around the House

Happy Friday ya’ll! It’s been a crazy week and I am so so happy the weekend is almost here! Jesse is taking me on a surprise date tonight after work, so I’m literally just counting down the hours until the day is over ....more

Mango Guacamole

Last week was absolutely gorgeous here in Virginia! It was in the 70s for most of the week, with an 80 degree day thrown in there too, so we enjoyed drinks on patios, ice cream dates and used the grill quite a bit. All this warm weather has me longing for when we go to cookouts almost every weekend and I can wear flip flops everyday ....more

March Recap

It’s so hard to believe that March is already over and April is here! The weather here in VA is finally warming up, and staying that way the majority of the week, and the trees and flowers are starting to bloom. I took this photo in our front yard yesterday after work ....more

Nature Box Snacks

One of the hardest parts of us changing our eating habits is to find a healthier way to snack. Jesse and I both struggle with afternoon snack cravings around 2 pm. It’s so hard not to splurge on a candy bar or potato chips when these cravings strike, so to help us out we decided to try out Nature Box snacks....more

Living Room Reveal – 75%

I spent most of this weekend working on the living room and I’m so excited to show you all what I’ve got so far! I would say this room is about 75% done! All it’s missing are a few details, some which just aren’t in the budget right now and will have to wait ....more

Drowning – Living Room Edition

What an overwhelming weekend/week it has been and it’s only Wednesday! I put my nose to the grindstone all day Saturday but didn’t finish any of the projects I was working on. There’s plenty of stuff half-way done though, which are cluttering my house and kitchen table ....more

Five Fun Things for Friday

Woohoo for Friday! I don’t know if it’s because of Daylight Savings time, but this has been the sloooowest week ever. I am so ready for this weekend, it’s going to be jam packed and super busy, but I’m so excited for it! ...more

Spring Back [Into Shape]

I am so excited that it is starting to warm up and that spring (and summer) are just around the corner. Minus the fact that it’s supposed to snow on Monday, let’s just ignore that. I’m not excited about the fact that almost none of spring pants, Capri pants and shorts fit me anymore ....more

Simple Spring Wreath

After two weekends in a row of lovely weather in the 60s I think it’s safe to say it’s springtime in Richmond! We still have a few cold days in the forecast, but it’s 50-50 so I’m calling it spring! Plus it’s National Craft Month, so I’ve got to make sure I get my craft on! ...more