Win a Quilt; Make a Family!

Imagine yourself snuggled under this stunning quilt…perhaps in a hammock rocked gently by the breeze….a good book in one hand and a glass of lemonade in the other as you welcome the approaching spring. Feels good, doesn’t it? For only $25, you can be one of the few who gets a chance to bring home […] ...more

Bring Ana’s Sister Home!


Dear Ellie: Happy 3rd Birthday!

So last year, I wrote you this lengthy post full of sappy love and discussed in detail how you’re just really an overachiever on this whole growing up thing. I must report that this year has seen no improvement. You seem bound and determined to skip from 3 to 30 at light speed, and we’re […] ...more

When Bullies Win, the Kingdom Loses: Thoughts on World Vision

By now, you’re most likely aware of the World Vision hiring practice controversy. But just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, here’s a recap: ...more

Daniel Tiger is the Cat’s Meow

If you are one of the parents who strictly follows the regulations for technology use/screen time for your kids in order to avoid...more

MUST-READ: Torn, by Justin Lee

Hello wonderful people! It’s Spring Break, and I’m in Orange Beach with two teenagers, a toddler, and the hubs. Best thing? ...more

Dear eMeals: I Love You

Okay, so there are a dozen or so “deep” posts I probably should force myself to write about the chaotic kiddos, spiritual warfare, family drama, etc., but I’m feeling light today, so I’m opting to share a quick “check this out!” instead. Today, I want to talk about …..eMeals. I would like to pledge my […] ...more

Prayers for Shalom in the Messy Middle: Created for Care, 2014

More than a month has passed since I’ve last been able to visit this blog, and honestly, on more than one occasion, the title of any post would have been “Dear 2014: You Still Suck.” But I can’t even say “suck” anymore because my now three-year-old repeats everything, and she’s absconded with some of the […] ...more

Dear 2014: I Want to Punch You in the Face

So in the first 11 days of the year, I’ve seen the usual Susie Sunshine posts coming across my feed. So much optimism! So much hope!...more

Thoughts on Ducks and Racism

I’m rather weary...more