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I am a passionate, creative and adventurous mom to 3 kids and wife to one supportive and loving husband.   I blog about my decor in my home , on a farm, in the country. I love to tackle just about any DIY project. .I share the adventures of a city girl who moved to the country who is raising not only kids but donkeys, dogs, cats, fish and other wildlife critters. 

Easy Gallery Wall Ideas

Who doesn't love a great gallery wall....I do. I have to admit, before I attempted my first gallery wall in my home, I thought it was a daunting ordeal. Precision, matching frames, guidelines, theme....... ....more

Good Ole Family Fun in Tennessee

Wanted to pop in and quickly tell you all, how much I am missing you this summer. I made this decision to lay low and have fun with the kids during the break....and I have and I will for one more week (sigh, kids go back next Friday). At the same time I have missed my projects, writing posts, reading your comments and the pure joy that I receive from blogging ....more

My summer outdoor projects....and a new one to add to the list

I have taken this summer slackin thing to a whole new level....and I am not apologizing for it...... not one bit. So far this summer, I have managed to pull off one outdoor project, and even that would be a...more

Sunday Musings- OMG Makeover, sunflowers, paint decision, next project

This is my OMG makeover moment. And no, I do not miss the cherry stain walls...or those curtains for that matter....more

How to see time differently....with a new shade

Hard to imagine that my slow and steady summer bliss will be coming to an end in just a few short weeks. I have enjoyed the heck out of every second with my kids, and feel so incredibly blessed to be able to spend this precious time with them....more

The Rock Star of the Painting Scene....My Paint Saint

It's no secret....I love to paint. Oddly, it provides a calmness and peace that I can't really explain nor likely that would you understand, especially to those that have never picked up a paintbrush or don't like to paint....more

Weekly Wow's - Stunning home, Pergola, Bar Cart

The other day I walked into my kitchen to see a 'miner' cleaning his rocks in the sink, a 'waiter' in a tux saying he is going to serve me breakfast and a sassy 'cheetah' who was purring cause she was ready to eat....more

4th decor around the farm and a low boil

We are hosting a few friends this weekend for the 4th of July holiday. And since this summer has been about everything slow and easy, we are doing a low boil. If you are a Cajun, then you totally get this ....more