Satin & Chenille Trolls Cake

Satin is the pink one and Chenille is the Blue one. Yes, I'm talking about fashionable twins from the Trolls movie. I decided to turn them into a cake and who knows maybe a cookie is to follow ....more

Jasmin Aladdin and Genie Cookies

For several months now I have been making Disney Emoji Blitz cookie designs....more

Easter Decorated Cookies

Easter is on Sunday and I've got to tell you I'm super excited for the weekend. Weather has gotten so much more warmer and Spring like. I'm going to do some yard work and crafts and it will be so wonderful to be outside ....more

Chocolate Brownie Raspberry Mousse Tart

I like a lot of desserts chilled and this brownie raspberry mousse tart is no exception. If you prefer desserts at room temperature let the tart sit our for about 20-30 minutes before serving. I used a lighter recipe for the brownie base to cut some calories and a creamy raspberry mousse for the topping ....more

Enchanted Rose Cookies from Beauty and The Beast

I can't wait to see Beauty and The Beast movie, it's coming out in a week weeks. I'm sure you've noticed all the Beauty and the Beast inspired treats all over the internet as the release date is getting closer and closer. This movie better delivers, everyone is talking about it! ...more

Buttercream Hydrangea and Ranunculus Mason Jar Cake

When you work with sugar you can have Spring anytime. Even though we are still few month away from having a back yard full of blooming Spring flowers I decided to make a Spring Flower Bouquet Cake, with a mason jar, burlap and edible lace. What you need to make this cake : Velvet Vanilla Pound Cake (use 1 1/2 cake recipe for 1...more

Layered Sponge Cake, Dobos Torte

We all have that favorite cake, don't we? My hubby has a favorite too, and it's a Dobos Cake. Thin sponge cake layers are filled with creamy and heavenly light German chocolate buttercream ....more

Ariel Mermaid Disney Emoji Blitz Cookies

Clearly I'm on a Disney kick! I've already shared how to make Beauty and the Beast Cookies, Moana and...more

Beauty and The Beast Disney Emoji Blitz Cookies

New Disney's Beauty and The Beast movie is coming to theaters on March 17th. To celebrate I decided to make Belle and the Beast cookies. I used Disney Emoji Blitz to make the designs ....more

Succulent Meringue Wreath Cake

Happy New Year 2017! My sweet obsession with meringues continues in 2017. I can't help it ....more