Total Basset Case

Hi! I am a lifestyle blogger currently residing in Cincinnati with my husband and our basset hound, Floyd. During the day I am an interior designer and at night I am a blogger, wife and basset hound mama, wine and diet coke lover.  I love to run and write about fitness, working out and cooking healthy with the occassional DIY thrown in.


June Meal Plan

Come summertime I am all about ease, quickness and yumminess in the kitchen. I would much rather spend my evenings running, playing in the garden and walking Floyd than slaving over the stove. ...more


I am not entirely sure what day it is but I do know we had a very relaxing yet fun Memorial Day weekend. Friday seems so long ago that I cannot even remember what all we did all weekend but I do believe it was a mash up of... -lots of grilling and eating outside -pool time -wine spritzers -bootcamp and #deathbykayla -new recipes -naps (Floyd more than anyone else) -Loft sale -Nordstrom sale -Ulta sale...(oops!) -Heath Blizzard treat (throwing all sugar allergies caution to the wind) -all the watermelon -finishing of The Night Circus (review soon!) and plenty more ....more

D Town

As I mentioned yesterday, we jetted to Dallas recently thanks to some super cheaper Frontier flights. We had a fabulous time and due to a cancelled flight and an extra day there, we contemplated just moving in with our friend Whitney. ...more

Everything is Bigger... Texas Including the time to recover. Which is the state of tiredness that Mister and I are in at the moment. We spent the the past weekend/early this week visiting our best friend down in Dallas ....more

DIY : Palette Style Raised Garden

After our success from our porch raised planter last summer, Mister and I were determined to have a raised vegetable garden down in the yard this year....more

Weekend Wrap Up : Mamas

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mamas (and dogs mamas!) out there! We had a fabulous weekend celebrating ours around these parts. We hosted a Mother's Day Luncheon on Saturday and our weekend was geared towards honoring them all weekend long! ...more

Clean Slate {A Review}

I've said it before, I really love a good cookbook. And it if is over the top beautiful it is even better....more

Weekend Wrap Up : Highs and Lows

Oh Monday, you are here way too soon once again. The weather this weekend was nothing short of perfection and we did our best to spend a lot of it outside. Friday...more

5 on Friday

You know when you have all of those random thoughts in your head and you just need to get them out? I am certain that is where 5 on Friday posts derived from. 1. ...more

Planning for a Picnic {Wine2Go Review}

With some warm Spring days on the horizon, Mister and I are itching to use our new picnic basket....more