Raising Humans

Tricia is a mom, writer & blogger, currently writing her first book. Her words have appeared on the Huffington Post, Literary Mama, & Pregnancy & Newborn.  Raising Humans.

No silence these days

“Remember when we used to wonder what he was thinking?” I make this joke all the time, these days. I make it so much it’s not funny anymore. Maybe it never really was and my friends and family have just been humoring me ....more

The tear-inducing magic of tidying up

I was folding my shirts into rectangles of approximate drawer height when she appeared in the doorway. “Hi my love. I’m organizing my closet.” She paused, looking at the clothes piled on the floor ....more

We Pretend

“Pretend I’m the Mommy and you’re the sister and we’re going on a trip.”...more


I get the best parking spot. Right near the door. I have my pick in the empty lot ....more

I finally watched it (my Listen To Your Mother video)

On Friday night I shares the video below with my Facebook friends. I warned them that I hadn’t watched yet. That I was nervous ....more

Our happy 4th

I almost forgot that it was a holiday. It was cloudy when we woke up. We went out for muffins and cappuccinos because it was a holiday but then we came home ....more

Currently / Lately

Lately, I have not been here much. I’ve been in other places. Like on tire swings ....more

One year later, not a fool

“And in the very big sense, I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. Is this for me? Am I cut out for this? ...more

Notes from the middle

We took the last high chair away at dinner time. Not while cleaning out. Not in the midst of a mid-afternoon wander around the house, taking care of those things we meant to do but never quite did ....more

Not goodbye

photo credit: Miss N. Almost five years ago, we interviewed our first nanny as my belly swelled in front of me and my mind danced with a chaos that made me dizzy. I spent weeks in the middle of my pregnancy preparing and planning ahead for the complete unknown, as we all do ....more