Schue Love

I'm a Southern California girl, now residing in Tahoe.  I'm married to my college sweetheart and we are raising our two boys, Ethan and Wyatt!  I am inspired by fun fashion, innovative design, gourmet cuisine...and of my two crazy boys!

Family Photo Session

I realized that I never got to share our family photo session from late 2016...these photos were used primarily for our Christmas card and Wyatt's birthday invitation, but there were so many great shots, I thought I would share the rest! And Wyatt learned that all good things, must come to an end! ;)Photos by Melissa Vossler Photographyxo natasha ...more

Valentine's Day OOTD

So you can see the pretty lilac color in this blouse! I recommend sizing down. Shop the Look: Sunglasses+...more

New Kitchen Moodboard

Pendant Light...more

New {Yet Old!} Obsession

Anyone remember Abercrombie & Fitch? I was obsessed with it in high school, but eventually moved on as my style evolved. Welp, I'm here today to tell you that they're baaaaack! ...more

Valentine's Gift Guide

Sugar Lips Gummies // The Lip Slip // The Lip Scrub...more

Girls' Weekend in Palm Springs

I had the most WONDERFUL time this past weekend with my best friends from high school! I've known some of these girls since I was in elementary school and at the least, we've all known each other for 18 years, so it's safe to say we all know each other extremely well. We've seen each other through the very best and very worst of times...through college, careers, relationships, weddings, children and some of us moving out of the area ....more

Palm Springs Bound

Daytime Look: Jacket...more

Snow Dayzzz

That's right, we've been hit with a massive snow storm and it just keeps coming! I'm anxious to get to boys out to play in all the fresh snow, but for right now, it's been a lot of cozy days inside, while daddy is snow blowing, shoveling and snow blowing some more outside. Call this the Tahoe Snowmageddon of 2017.. ....more

Recent Purchases

Hello! It's been awhile since I've checked in on what I'm loving lately +...more

Favorite Drugstore Beauty Products

We don't have a department store conveniently located nearby, so overtime, I've learned to seek out alternative drugstore beauty products. Surprisingly, there are a lot of great options out there--some of which could easily pass for the much more expensive product! ...more