Ron Finley :: Inspiring

This video has a few bad words in it - so maybe not so great for kids to watch. I've seen several friends post this video on Facebook, and Aaron recently listened to an NPR interview with Ron Finley. ...more

Fourth of July :: Round Top Parade :: Royers

Aaron only made fun of me a little bit for getting to the parade over an hour early - just to guarantee our kids some prime seating.  The parade aint no mullet.  Uh uh ....more

Cantaloupe Trellis

Our little, big garden is coming along.  Aaron finished the second cantaloupe trellis tonight with bamboo the boys harvested from the woods near our house.  Sigh ....more

Farming our Yard

I'm not sure why this dream grabbed hold of me, but it has.  It makes very little sense what I'm doing or why I even want to do this - but here I am.  Doing ....more

Botany Brothers :: The Boy's Have a Lil' Business

We've been spending our summer learning the art of harvesting seeds, storing them, and replanting ....more

Favorite Summer Snack


How to Make Peach Jelly

My friend, Gretchen stopped by yesterday and gifted me with a whole box of my favorite Texas peaches.  Isn't she the nicest?  We're blowing through those babies at record speed, but I thought I'd repost instructions for how to make peach jelly in case "making jelly" is something you've ever wanted to give a whirl ....more

Tent Camping in Pace Bend Park, Texas

“It always rains on tents ....more

We're Going on a Bear Hunt