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Hi, I'm Michele Grant... writer, talker, thinker. I'm Bougie. I'm Southern. I voted for Obama. Purple is my favorite color. Neo-Soul is my favorite music. Romantic Women's Fiction is my favorite book genre. My blog is My book website is here: www.MicheleGrant,net. My books are available on line and in stores everywhere. And know you know everything

Don't blame Texas for Ted Cruz, we thought he was Canadian

Ted Cruz, the Republican wingnut Senator from Texas, announced his candidacy for the 2016 Presidential race this week. My first thought was - BWAHAHA! Followed by a confused 'Wait, what?' moment ....more

Empire v Scandal - must the battle for "real" blackness continue?

I have spent waaaaay too much time lately listening to people debate about depictions of black people via Scandal and Empire. Which one is more real? Which is better? ...more

The #Selma Bougie Movie Review - Must see and yet...

Selma was all it was marketed to be: a brilliant and sometimes painfully honest look at the fight for the right to vote which came to a head in Selma, Alabama in 1965. Martin Luther King, Jr and Coretta Scott King were played masterfully by David Oyelowo and Carmen Ejogo. The supporting cast was impressive and the story felt authentic ....more

When Superwoman needs a nap

Every holiday it seems I make the same declaration - Someone else needs to step up and make this holiday happen. Yet I found myself (again) hosting Christmas (again) with guests (again) and last minute shopping, wrapping, decorating (again) and cleaning and cooking and cleaning (again) before I jetted off to Mexico where BougieSis caught the flu, gave it to me and I spent New Year's huddled under an electric blanket with antibiotics. No ....more

Happy 2015! I resolve... not to make any resolutions

I cannot, in good conscience, kick off one more January with a peppy New Year, New You! post. I cannot ....more

Boobs and P! Power - Scandal and a PSA

In the words of the Commodores - How can she lose those things she use? In mid-September, I was running errands when one of Plano's finest pulled up behind me and flashed his lights. Le Sigh ....more

Cocoa vs. Chocolate - When a casual conversation goes terribly wrong

For clarification purposes, let me start out by explaining that I started referring to naked aerobics between folks as "swirling the cocoa" or "sharing the cocoa" or "stirring the cocoa" (basically all verbiage involving making and partaking of cocoa) a few years back. I can't remember why. I had a good reason at the time and then it kind of became a thing: Cuddle cocoa, pity cocoa, hot and bubbly cocoa vs ....more

Ninety-effing-two on the "Marriagability Matrix" - An ITOFTS Bougie Bachelorette Chronicle

*ITOFTS = I'm Too Old For This Shiggity I recently had a man tell me that I was 92% of what he was looking for....more

Too weary to holla or throw up both my hands... thoughts on #Ferguson

A selfie of Mike Brown with his little sister... It's just... enough ....more

Question of the day - What's your intro?

I've been noticing as I've been out and about that people have a way of making (or not making) an entrance. Into rooms, conversations, restaurants, what have you. I'm the sort of person who just walks in, looks around and then goes on about the business of whatever I walked in for ....more