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Style Expert, Author, and president of Bridgette Raes Style Group.  I teach real women with real bodies what to wear,how to wear it and why.

Jacket-Free Work Looks that are Acceptable for the Office

Despite the fact that many offices around the country are becoming more dress-casual, there are still work situations where going jacket-free is frowned upon. ...more

Friday’s Fab Find: Vaughan Shirts

If you read this blog regularly chances are, you came looking for fashion advice. Its something everyone struggles with. I know despite working along the periphery of the fashion industry it still confuses (and enrages me) ....more

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Friday’s Fab Find: SOI Handbag Illuminator

“Whether it’s a canvas tote or Givenchy, a day bag you love is essential. It doesn’t have to be a fashion It bag of the season, either.”...more

Throwback Thursday: Hot Weather Style, Summer Work Dresses and Being Cool in Black

As we wind down June and get ready for July, check out some hot weather posts from a year ago this week. How to Look Stylish When it is Too Hot to Accessorize As summer rolls on, it’s getting hotter and hotter outside....more

Friday’s Fab Find: Withings Body Analyzer Scale

A few years ago a model friend, Amanda Fields was staying with me for fashion week (she’s amazing check her out). Of course Amanda is GORGEOUS and very fit (she swears by the Bar Method) and I bemoaned my own overweight body. I asked Amanda how she stayed so thin....more

Powerful Style: How to Dress like a Lady Boss

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