Turnstyle Vogue

Turnstyle Vogue focuses on repurposing and restyling furniture, creating functional DIY projects with tutorials, and offering unique new and vintage home decor items, all to create a beautiful everyday home with a story, a style and a purpose. The focus is all about character.

Getting Ready…

It is time. Time for the fall inventory to be unpacked and on the shelves....more

Furniture Debut: The Pioneer

…Now all the prairie and the plain Are waving field of golden grain: Look till eve, from early morn See all the valleys clad with corn. Grey haired sires and young men brave, Maidens fair and matrons grave, Children bright and babies sweet, At Harvest Home each year we meet… ...more

How We Repurposed An Unknown Object Into Our New Kitchen Chandelier

Switching gears mid-makeover-stream is a must....more

Furniture Debut: The Doublets

Sometimes, one is indeed the loneliest number and to get a match made in heaven, it takes two to tango. Well, something like that anyway....more

New Pendant Lights In The Kitchen

Let There Be Light! Well, different light anyway....more

The Kitchen Is Painted – See What Color I Chose…

Ahhh……nothing makes a space feel fresher than a coat of paint....more

I Have Narrowed Down My Kitchen Paint Color Choices To These…

Slowly but surely things are moving along in the kitchen....more

Sharing Some Vacation Pictures…

Hey there!...more

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

This post is for all of you who are raising boys. First, take a look at this… ...more

Help Me Choose My Breakfast Nook Chandelier

Small spaces can sometimes take a while to makeover....more