"ladies and gentleman ....

.... boys and gewls ... welcome to the Julia instrument show!!!!" I was on spoon-taps-counter and Sebastian was on, "bad moon!!!" as he claims - and he right .. ....more

my new favorite mascara {and the runners-up}

Oh yes Grace, puh-lease report your expert mascara findings on your fancy beauty blog. Welllll, I will. I know there are SO many incredible beauty blogs and YouTube channels out there that give you some serious detailage on lots of products and if I'm not careful I can get sucked into those for HOURS on end ....more

I am Mom. Hear me think.

(Coincidentally Ana wrote a post along similar lines today ... hers is much MUCH better so just skip this and pop over there - now.) Staying at home with little kids means that I have a lot of conversations like this ... Mom: (hands full of kettle ball baby and car keys and purse and baby bottle and mug of cold coffee) Hey, would you please grab the sippy cup off the dining room floor? ...more

boots, boots, and a miracle

Something miraculous happened today. I won't even pause for dramatic effect I'll just dive right in. Theo fell asleep in the car on the way home from visiting Simon at work and then come home and still went down for a regular afternoon nap ....more

Julia Styles

sweater - Old Navy from Caroline shirt - Kangaroo Kids jegs - OshKosh c/o Kohl's shoes - Gap from Piper purse - c/o J.Crew hair bow - c/o Tew Little Loves Let's cut straight to some conversations with little J ... On Halloween ... Julia: trick-or-treat!! ...more

Like the Good Fräulein Says ...

Oh what a day. In early November Two Thousand Thirteen. Stopping! ...more

30 going on 17 (and a gigando thank you)

sweater - Forever XXI boots - Carlos Santana glasses - c/o Firmoo I'm pretty sure this was a sort of semi-trendy outfit for 17-year-olds about two years ago but I still get super excited whenever Thrift Shop comes on the minivan's radio and when Thriftshop is followed by Roar? Forget it. Excitement level through our non-existent sunroof ....more

the weekend that adventure built

I'm going the way of the lazy river today because if you saw me right now I'd have to kill you. Holy scarecrow - but scarier. The floor is littered with graham crackers and ice cubes and Theo learned how to throw genuine back arching flail about tantrums today and and and and ....more

It's time for another edition of: Grace is Not a Hat Person.

Say hello to my new momiform. Aside from a few breathers to wash and dry my new Albion Fit apparel this week this outfit has been on repeat and repeat again for the past several days. Stigmas against wearing workout gear in public even if your workout accidentally slips your mind and never actually happens? ...more


Sebastian turned two years old yesterday and what a day it was. No, it wasn't. It was just another day with a grand cake finale that he better never forget ....more