Lots of things feel full circle (Alexa Joyce Weed)

In May of 2006, we had our first baby. Anna.She was tiny.Now, in May of 2015, we have had what we know to be our last baby. Alexa.She, too, is tiny ....more

Happy Easter!!

There are 30 minutes left of Easter, and I've been wanting to write this post all day. So, I'm gonna.It's been such a great day for my little family. We had our own little Easter dinner, complete with roast and funeral potatoes and mashed potatoes and sparkling cider, and this morning there were baskets and treats aplenty ....more

A video about my mom

For anyone who doesn't know, my mom has Early Onset Alzheimer's.She's 59, and she'll likely die within the next few years.It's one of the most devastating diseases I've ever seen.It's really difficult for us, as her children, to explain to people just how horrific this disease is. It's also difficult to know how to grieve the loss.I write poetry and transcribe her journals. My sister Maquel writes a blog ....more

Post #14--Hope Springs Eternal

A few weeks ago I randomly started writing the story of something horrible that happened to my writing career in the summer of 2013. This is the last post in that series. You probably won't understand the impact of this post without reading the ones that come before it ....more

Post #13--Ultrasound

I've worked for hours on the final post in this little series. It's LOOONG. It feels very cathartic to almost be done.But, yes, you read the title of today's post correctly.Lolly and I have an announcement to make:We are having another spawn!!!This afternoon, we left the girls at home with their Uncle Chad while we went off to the doctor to have the gender ultrasound ....more

Post #12--Things Fall Apart

I'm back to trying to describe the indescribable.After day nine, came day ten. Then day eleven. And with each day came either nothing, or, a few times, another breathtaking rejection from another publishing house.But still there was hope ....more

Post #11--Keep the faith

This is the part that's impossible to put into words.Imagine waking up every day knowing that the most amazing thing that has ever happened in your life could happen that day....more

Post #10--The Waiting Game

Suddenly, we were "on submission."'On submission' is short for "on submission to publishers." It's the period of time where your agent is taking your manuscript or proposal and is sending it to their contacts in the literary world. In my case, our proposal was being sent to every major publishing house I had ever heard of. Like seriously, pull a book off your shelf ....more

Post #9--Proposal

Looking back a year-and-half, I can see the warning signs that were interlaced with all the excitement.That's how hindsight works.At the time though, they were undetectable.At the time, this felt like an absolute culmination of all things in my life. It felt cosmic. It felt like God had done the crazy-viral thing with our blog post, and then now He was orchestrating this thing with the book ....more

Post #8: Snapshot of my life right now

We interrupt this story to bring you a snapshot of my life right now:My sister and her family pulled up to my house two hours ago. The kids are running around the house screaming. Luggage is being brought up the stairs, gifts are going under the tree, there is hugging and laughter and the eating of snacks, and there is lots of chatter ....more