Who's the freak show? + FFAQ poll

When I was in college, I played in an orchestra concert, and afterwards a friend of mine in the viola section came up to me and said "My girlfriend was in the audience. She noticed you playing." I was all flattered for a second, and then he broke the news. "She was like 'who's the freak show?'" It took me a moment to realize what he was saying....more

Dear Anna (Letter #1)

I have no idea when you'll read this.There are some things you need to know about me.Right now I want to tell you about our latest attempt to talk to you about my sexual orientation. I want to record this so that you never feel like we were keeping secrets from you or hiding anything from you. I know you, sweet girl, and your personality is so curious, so filled with inquisitive energy, and your trust in us so implicit, that if we wait too long to tell you about the fact that I'm gay--or if you feel like we didn't try--you will feel very betrayed ....more

FFAQ attack!

It's already that time again.Time for more questiones (pronounced "queschiones"). But before we get to that I wanted to share these pictures from a birthday party Tessa went to. Our friend Katie hosted a Ninja party for her daughter, Macie, and Tessa was invited.We didn't really have a Ninja costume ....more

My response to Well Behaved Mormon Woman

Dear Cora,I'm not sure if your name is actually Cora. I'm just imagining it's Cora, and I want to call you by your imagined first name because I know that you're not just some pixelated words on a computer screen. You are a real person with real feelings ....more

FFAQ poll + I think I'm back?

Hi!!!So, today is FFAQ (which stands for "Friday's Frequently Asked Question." The fact that I'm doing FFAQ today says a couple of things.First, I am happy to report that I am truly feeling more comfortable in my skin. As you could probably imagine, based on the threat to my family I shared in this post, I was seriously contemplating whether or not blogging in a public forum is worth it--if it can come to a threat to my family, is this a risk I'm willing to take?...more

Say cheese! (aka "Tessa's New Smile")

I'd like to show you a recent picture of Tessa, our three-year-old.I know, let's make this into a guessing game!What is wrong with Tessa's face? a. she is about to sneeze b. this is her new smile c ....more

The trauma of cyberbullying

Guys, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I've been struggling as a blogger. I've been erratic in my responses to comments--hyper sensitive and strange. Very defensive ....more

Winners! + Go Hawks!

All right, I just got an email from Sally DeFord, and I'm ready to announce the competition winners. I was really sad when the online poll didn't work out last week, but the truth is, I think it made the selection of winners cleaner and more fair. I had a panel of judges with many music degrees and tens of thousands of hours of musical experience between them ....more

Hey hot mama! Let me empty your bucket!

At the beginning of the school year, Anna, our 2nd grader, started coming home with all of these little notes in her folder. As a mom who is constantly cleaning out papers from her backpack, I didn't think much of them. ...more

COMPETITION (Only Love Vocal Competition)

So, remember last year when Sally DeFord visited my blog and encountered this video of me singing Trololo, which somehow led to her deciding to write a song with me, and then it turned into a competition where people submitted their own versions of the song, and it was really, really awesome?Well, I have the finalists, and it's time to vote on the version of the song you like best.These finalists were chosen by a panel of judges who have extensive musical training. I'm proud of all of these finalists and their work and talent.Online voting can be an interesting thing. While I don't want this to become a "who has more friends on Facebook" contest, there's really not much one can do to prevent people from trying to drive random people they know to get to a page, not listen to the entries, and just vote for the person that sent them.I hope that if you are here as prompted by someone's (understandable) self-publicity, you will take the time to listen to at least 20 seconds of each entry and truly vote for the one that sounds best to you ....more