Projects Around The House

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July Garden Blooms

There is a lot going on in my garden right now. I didn’t realize how much was blooming until I started editing the pictures for this post. Summer starts my long bloomers ....more

What I Wore- Cold Summer Offices

Cardigan- Modcloth, Tank- Ann Taylor Loft, Jeans- Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Ten Thousand Villages I was getting dressed for work the other day and I contemplated wearing long sleeves and pants to work because I knew I was going to be cold. This is July and I was worried about freezing at work all day. Wearing short sleeves at the office in summer is pretty much unheard of for me ....more

Lincoln’s Eight Month Update

Lincoln turned eight months old on Monday and he is definitely not a little baby anymore. Now that he has learned how to crawl he is all over the place and touching everything. He won't sit up for very long before he tips over onto his belly in search of something to feel ....more

What I Wore- Preppy

Cardigan- JC Penney, Button Down- New York and Company, Pants- Target, Shoes- Kohl’s, Necklace- New York and Company ...more

Lincoln’s First Fourth

We celebrated Lincoln's first fourth of July by going to a bbq at his gram's house. Mike cooked up some sausages and we ate tons of yummy food. Lincoln fit into his festive onesie (yeah) and kept it reasonable clean for at least half the day ....more

June Garden Blooms

Happy Fourth of July! We are off at a cook out with the family today so stay tuned to pictures of Lincoln's first Fourth. Hopefully I will be able to stuff his chub into the nine month onesie we bought him months ago to wear today and fingers crossed it still fits :) I have lots of June garden bloom pictures to share so I thought I better get them up since it's already the first week in July ....more

What I Wore- Target Dress Pants

Cardigan- Old Navy, Shirt- Old Navy, Pants- Target, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Thrifted I am not in love with this picture of myself but it's all I've got to share right now so here it is. I haven't found the time to take a picture in a couple of weeks so this outfit pic was taken a little while ago. My mornings are never long enough and pretty much the second I get home I want to reconnect with my boy whom I missed all day long ....more

What I Wore- Patterned Skirt Repeat

Shirt- Old Navy, Skirt- B Moss (old), Shoes- Kohl’s, Necklace- Gift ...more

Lincoln’s Seven Month Update

Lincoln turned seven months old this past Saturday. Out little guy is changing so quickly now there seems to be something new about him every week now. He is still a little chub ....more

What I Wore- Outfit Redo

Cardigan- Old Navy- Cami- Old Navy, Skirt- JC Penney, Shoes- Fergilicious, Necklace- Online shop Once, years ago, I wore a similar grey, navy, green and yellow outfit and it didn’t feel right to me. I loved the color combo but I didn’t love the way the cardigan fit and this shirt was too low. I decided to finally shorten the straps on this cami and it fits so much better now ....more