A Garden for the House

I'm a cook, gardener, domestic guru and the author of the shockingly-popular website  A Garden for the House.com. My recipes and gardening articles have appeared in dozens of newspapers and periodicals, including Garden Design Magazine.  A cookbook, Recipes from My Hudson Valley Kitchen, is scheduled for December, 2014 publication.

Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Lately I've been plodding my way through a long list of garden chores. But since all-work-no-play makes Kevin a dull boy, I've also been making lots of fun things to eat! For instance, last night I whipped up some Chimichurri sauce, and spooned it over a pan-seared, oven-finished flank steak ....more

The May Garden Chores!

Take a tip from the nesting robins -- May isn't the month to snooze! Indeed, garden-work accomplished now will determine the success we'll have for the rest of the growing season. Need a little guidance? ...more

How I Acidify My Blueberry Soil

Pop Quiz! What do blueberries, rhododendrons, and azaleas have in common? Pop Answer: They all want acidic soil! ...more

Penne Rigate Garibaldi

I made this for dinner yesterday, and it was memorable in every way. It's a highly-perfumed dish of chicken, mushrooms, onion, and garlic, all bathed in a red wine-and-cream sauce, and spooned over gluten-free pasta. Here's the simple step-by-step: Note: A relative sent me a recipe called "Rigatoni Garibaldi" some time ago ....more

My First Asparagus Bed

I stopped by my favorite farm store the other day, with the sole intention of buying one (just one!) bag of organic parsley. I purchased the $2.00 herb, and then wandered into one of the farm's solar-heated greenhouses. There, sitting on a black, tarp-covered floor, and sprouting green, ferny growth, were dozens of asparagus plants ....more

Crusty Sourdough Boule!

I can't play the violin. I can't dance like Justin Bieber. But I can make a fantastic sourdough boule! ...more

Gorgeous Green Mixer Giveaway

Today, because I'd like to thank you for reading my endless drivel, and also because I think you might like to have one, I'm giving away a gorgeous green mixer! To enter the random drawing, just answer the following question: What are your plans this weekend? Are you cooking something delicious? ...more

First Aid for Non-Blooming Daffodils

THE TIMELY TOPIC OF DAFFODILS CAME UP THIS WEEK, when a reader asked "Why don't my daffodils have flowers?" Actually,...more

Cocktail Appetizer: Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

Sweet, tender asparagus...crisp, smokey bacon...put 'em together, and you'll have a simple-but-sophisticated make-ahead cocktail appetizer! My step-by-step recipe: My only problem with bacon-wrapped asparagus spears? I can never make enough of them! ...more

A Green, Yellow, and Red Vegetable Tian

A tian is a shallow, earthenware baking dish of Provencal origin. The word also refers to the contents of the dish. You can have a tian of lamb ....more