Caterpillar Paper Plate Craft

The life cycle of the butterfly is a very popular insect unit among the primary grades. This caterpillar paper plate inspired craft would complement such a unit. We read my daughter’s favorite spring book:...more

Chick Paper Plate Craft

As an art teacher to preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders, I have made my fair share of paper plate crafts. The best part about paper plates is their endless possibilities! Although it’s still below freezing outside, I thought I could will spring’s return with a chick paper plate craft ....more

Insect Unit Idea: Interactive Insect Vocabulary Anchor Chart

Spring is here, so it means insect units are taking over science classes across the world! Anchor charts are used for nearly every subject and idea in the classroom, but we here at The Classroom Creative think that these classroom must-haves need a twist: they should be interactive. My oldest son used the PECS system [...] ...more

Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Earth Day is just a few weeks away. ...more

Easter Egg Math Center: Coin Recognition and Money Counting

Learning how to recognize coins and count money are tough concepts for children to grasp. Children learn best with hands-on activities....more

Dinosaur Easter Egg Craft

I credit this dinosaur craft idea to my youngest son who is currently entering a dinosaur phase, er…OBSESSION. ...more

Patterned Caterpillar Craft for Kids

This caterpillar craft for kids teaches a necessary math concept: patterns! Patterns are all around us. The idea here is to teach our children to identify and create patterns ....more

Creating an Ideal Home Environment for Young Readers

Every room in my home is filled with books. Believe it or not, so is my car! My youngest son drags his favorites each morning before school and reads while I drive ....more

Upcycled Pallet Book Bin

Do you have an old pallet lying around? Upcycle it into a bookshelf or book bin. This has got to be the easiest craft ever ....more

Upcycled 3D Umbrella Craft for Kids

Being able to decipher between two dimensional and three dimensional objects is not an easy expected task for primary students. 3D shapes are not flat like 2D shapes. They have corners, edges and depth ....more