Ms. Jess

Ava started going to religious education (to me that’s a fancy way of saying “catechism”) two years ago. I used to sit in her class with her weekly so the next year, I figured, why not make myself useful? I signed up as a helper ....more


I went to a small high school for students wanting to pursue a career in the medical field. I am clearly not a doctor. Not sure what happened there, but it was a great school so it worked out, and I learned a few things along the way ....more

Fall Bug

As of August 25 or something, Starbucks sent out an announcement that made pumpkin (and fall) lovers everywhere squeal with delight. Despite their attempt at being cute by saying “Ehrmergourd” in their email (just no), and the attempt at making you feel like you were in a top secret club by giving the top secret “code” to get the barista to share the goods (they’d probably laugh), fall officially arrived in the Starbucks loving suburban world. It’s here ....more

Week in Review

The week is done and tomorrow starts third grade for Ava. Allie’s new year doesn’t start till next week. Last week was a short one ....more


Another year has come and gone. I’m now 34. ...more


What a shock. Robin Williams is gone. He died ....more

Oh hi! It’s me.

Oh hello, remember me? I’m the girl who sometimes blogs around here but not really because I’m kind of on a social media fast. ...more

“My Best”

Being a parent is tough business. Duh. I don’t feel like I’m half the parent mine were ....more

In summmmmmerr

One of my most favorite things going up was going on vacation with my parents. No matter what, we always went somewhere. ...more

My Favorite Summer Things

Hi friends. Here I am! ...more