Daisy Crazy

I love my job. I get to go to the State Fair of Texas every year for work. I get to interact with new people and see new things (and of course eat amazingly delicious food, like the Fried Sweet which is an exceptionally wonderful pie that is 3 pies in one–buttermilk, peach and pecan) ....more

New Music Tuesday-Girl Power

I participated in the Mary Lambert...more

Go Green-Mental Illness Awareness Week

This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW), so I’m going green–the awareness color of mental illness. To be honest, I didn’t know MIAW existed until I saw this picture posted to Notre Dame’s Instagram account. ...more

Screen Time Out.

We like TV. I won’t pretend that we don’t. You know my affinity for some of the trash on TLC, it’s my guilty pleasure when I want to zone out and relax in bed after the billion things in my day ....more

School So Far

So far… Allie has moved up to a new 3 year old class with new friends and new teachers. It didn’t faze her one bit, but I was the one that was sad that she was leaving her little 4 pack of buddies. I’m rational and told myself that they’d to meet up together on the playground, but still....more

Meadow Saturnglow

I picked Ava up after school and she proudly showed me her new smile and tooth-filled baggie. ...more

Ms. Jess

Ava started going to religious education (to me that’s a fancy way of saying “catechism”) two years ago. I used to sit in her class with her weekly so the next year, I figured, why not make myself useful? I signed up as a helper ....more


I went to a small high school for students wanting to pursue a career in the medical field. I am clearly not a doctor. Not sure what happened there, but it was a great school so it worked out, and I learned a few things along the way ....more

Fall Bug

As of August 25 or something, Starbucks sent out an announcement that made pumpkin (and fall) lovers everywhere squeal with delight. Despite their attempt at being cute by saying “Ehrmergourd” in their email (just no), and the attempt at making you feel like you were in a top secret club by giving the top secret “code” to get the barista to share the goods (they’d probably laugh), fall officially arrived in the Starbucks loving suburban world. It’s here ....more

Week in Review

The week is done and tomorrow starts third grade for Ava. Allie’s new year doesn’t start till next week. Last week was a short one ....more