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Climbing Out of the Darkness (#TheSemicolonProject)

I remember standing in an aisle at the store and freaking out because I was overwhelmed. ...more


Oh crazy weather. I finally got my storms yesterday. They ruined the cleaned out bush beds but they brought lovely rain ....more

The Hangover.

During law school I had a migraine/chronic headache for 6 months straight. ...more

My friend.

This morning I ran into a lovely older gentlemen at Starbucks. He had just finished chatting with an 85 year old man who wanted to talk. “Allie! ...more

One Month.

Enough of the sad. Sorry (not sorry) about that yesterday. It’s been exactly two months since my foot surgery ....more

Not so Sweet Dreams

I rarely dream about my mom. ...more

Not so Sleeping Beauty

Sleep hasn’t been so very awesome in our house. ...more

10 things About Me–Your Turn!

So my Candian sister from another mister (hence use of the spelling “favourite”), Kim from All Work and No Play...more

Brain Juice, Allergies & FREE Coffee {Giveaway}

Seattle’s Best is awesome and they’re still my favorite people from Blissdom. They sent me a House Blend coffee kit to try with no expectation of anything. They are letting me host this giveaway for y’all just for sharing the fact you can get a free k-cup sample on Facebook! ...more

It’s all about Your own image

Not being able to run has taken its toll. Not only do I yearn to run as I pass the million people running in the beautiful spring sun, but like I said, it’s taken it’s till on me physically–particularly my waistline. I’m not the best eater ....more