Anyone Can Decorate

I am a Southern California native who grew up near the beach. I believe that, with a little help, Anyone can learn to decorate and put some personality into their space! I am a fun loving DIY decorator, crafter and blogger (, plus wife, mother and Christian. I enjoy sharing tips, tricks and ideas on how to make fun stuff! I absolutely love flea markets, garage sales, thrifting and roadside junk! I tend to use vintage and salvaged items that are a bit rustic and shabby. I love that they add warmth, charm and tons of character to a space.  

At a young age I was super into crafting and by the time I was a young adult decorating was a passion of mine.  I am completely self taught, well... with the help of HGTV, a few magazines, and a mother who did floral design for most of my childhood.  I love to finding creative ways to decorate on a small budget. Don't get me wrong, having the money to buy what I want when I want would be really nice (hehe), but there is a great reward when you do a project and turn someones trash into a beautiful new treasure!  My husband Jim is very supportive of me and my many many projects. He helps me pretty much whenever I ask. I have a pain disorder called fibromyalgia so I do need his help with all of my larger projects!  As for the pain of fibromyalgia, I will write more about that below (if you are interested in reading).  When it comes to DIY renovation and decor projects, I am the designer and my hubby is my contractor (lucky me). It works well for us! 

I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ.  It has definitely helped me accept my illness and remain positive. Understanding that God is in control and that my future is in His hands allows me to enjoy life while living for Him.  I am grateful for all He has done for me! 

Our children are grown and live away from home. Our youngest recently graduated College and lives about an hour away (which I love because we still see her often). I am very blessed with a wonderful family and good friends.  I look forward to getting to know you and sharing my passion for decorating with you.

My life and Living with Chronic Pain...

I was a single mom from my mid 20's to my mid 30's.  I have a completely type "A" personality and I used to be an always on the go, super active, overachieving, super mom... For years I functioned at an extremely high level.  I could do it all.  Or, at least I thought I could.

About 12 years ago, as a single mother, Continue Reading About Me Here

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