Sesame Cookies

I love these cookies because they’re quick and easy to make. You don’t even need a mixer to do this as you can just mix it by hand. It is lightly sweeten but you can add more sugar to it ....more

Essential Items Every Home Chef Needs

Written by: Quintin Bentley Crevling To craft fine cuisine in your kitchen you need the proper tools. Here are the essential items every kitchen needs: Apron Cooking is a messy process with hot materials splattering everywhere. Protect your clothing from stains and burns by wearing an apron ....more

Stir-fry Glutinous Rice

First I would like to apologize for the long hiatus from blogging. I’ve been busy with my daily life, dealing with moving, home based business and also traveling. I guess after more than 10 years of blogging I slowing losing my momentous doing it ....more

My dear family

My dear family, friends and blog readers, May God bless you with a festive, loving and peaceful celebration this Christmas and all throughout the year of 2017 ....more

What exactly are all natural ingredients and how easy is it to eat natural products?

There is no doubt that the interest in eating natural products continues to increase. There is a general distrust of genetically modified foods and synthetically produced foodstuffs. The general public has become more aware of the effect eating habits can have on health and well-being and people are making more informed choices when it comes to their diet ....more

Spicy Salted Eggs/Sambal Telur Masin

This is another dish that I learned from Shereen. She is so amazing that she even brined her own salted duck eggs. I enjoying eating this simple ‘kampung’ (village) dish with rice ....more

Prune and Walnut Butter Cake

It has been awhile since I post a recipe for cakes. I baked this cake a few months ago to take it with me to a gathering. The brown sugar and chopped prunes gave this cake a very nice caramel fragrant ....more

The Beautiful Influence of Coloring and Drawing in the Creativity of the Child

A young mind could not develop more in his childhood than while he draws and colors, while he brings to a piece of paper the realm of creativity and imagination, the infinite in color and joy, spread through a simple line, a simple splash of paint. Numerous studies have repeatedly proven that the coloring and drawing has a great impact on the development of a kid as it improves physical and cognitive evolution, while at the same time encourages creativity, confidence, autonomy and social interaction.Simple things to draw from time to time can form the children today for tomorrow, sculpt a personality, nurture a mature, capable yet creative mind. Artistic Action in Child Development The public opinion often expressed states that drawing and coloring are beneficial for the child`s imagination and while that is true there is much more to it, follow the article and share this article with a fellow parent ....more

Essay about Kitchen Tools

The popularity of channels showcasing chefs and their culinary expertise is on the rise. People enjoy watching the likes of Ree Drummond and Bobby Flay. They are enamored by Guy Fiere and Anne Burrell ....more

Chili Char

This is by far one of my most favorite Nyonya dish. I learned this dish from my good friend Shereen when I visit here in NZ. She is such a great cook and all her dishes were so delicious ....more